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Alcove Versus Freestanding Tubs: Which Is Better?

When it’s time to update your tub, there’s a lot to consider—especially if you have limited bathroom real estate. If you’re trying to decide between an alcove or freestanding tub, we’ve got you covered with our best recommendations for each style.

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What To Look For in a Dishwasher

Dishwashers are often a taken-for-granted appliance. However, the one in your kitchen impacts your routine every day. To make it all work, you need a dishwasher that matches your lifestyle.

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Mixing Metals in the Kitchen: Four Mistakes To Avoid

Matchy-matchy décor may at first seem a safe choice, but the latest trend of mixing metals adds a new level of dimensionality and personalization to living spaces. It’s a stylish strategy that can elevate design in any room in the home through tone, value, reflectivity or the lack of it.

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