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Santa Fe

Santa Fe inline units provide the highest levels of filtration and dehumidification — all to keep indoor air free from harmful elements like excess moisture, mold, germs and allergens. Built to work with existing HVAC units, our dehumidifiers filter incoming air and maintain proper humidity levels, regardless of outdoor weather or indoor moisture.

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Ultra98 Whole House Ventilating Dehumidifier

Fresh Air Has Never Been Quieter

Designed to deliver exceptional indoor air quality, the Santa Fe Ultra98 provides dedicated moisture control, fresh air mechanical ventilation and superior air filtration to the entire home. And on top of it all, the Ultra98 features an extremely well-insulated, compact horizontal cabinet for the ultimate in quiet operation.

  • Superior MERV-13 Filtration
  • Ducting Option for Fresh Outdoor Air Ventilation
  • Transformer Protection with Push Button Reset
  • DEH 3000/R Digital Control for Humidity and Outdoor Air

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