Four Fixture Tips for New Build Homes

You’ve decided to build a new home. You know how many bedrooms and baths you’ll have, the square footage and the exterior finishes. Inside, however, is a whole slew of decisions waiting to be made, and many of them fall under the category of fixtures. Sure, you can let the contractor decide, but in a truly custom-built home, it’s the little things that all work together to create a big statement and make a home your home.

What Qualifies as a Fixture?

The real estate and construction industries define fixtures as assets that are permanently attached to the property by fasteners like bolts, screws, glue or cement. In most cases, they’re not only attached to the property but also integral to the home’s functions. Fixtures can include everything from lighting, countertops, cabinet pulls, switch plates and door handles to faucets, sinks, built-ins and even appliances.

Tips for Choosing the Right Fixtures for Your New Home

When you’re building a home from scratch, you have the opportunity to choose the fixtures that are key in setting the tone and style of your living spaces. Here are some tips to make the most of your choices.

  1. Budget realistically for the types of fixtures you want.

    Contractors typically operate on strict budgets, specifying allowances for features like lighting or appliances, for example, or for rooms like a bathroom or kitchen. Often, they base these allowances on contractor-grade or builder-grade supplies—economical, readily available, mass-produced items that meet code but may not be as durable or attractive as comparable consumer- or quality-grade ones.

    If you want more custom or higher-quality selections, be sure you understand how your desired choices align with your contractor’s budgetary constraints.
  2. Be respectful of your builder’s timelines and deadlines.

    The work schedule is a large part of a contractor’s budgetary allowances. Building a home follows a certain sequence. Certain tasks must be done before others. Something as simple as changing the tub or toilet may require more clearance or a different plumbing configuration than the one originally in the plan.

    Working out customized options with the builder before the plumbers and electricians come, for example, will be far less costly than requesting a change that would require a crew to return to the site for a redo. If you want custom fixtures, they need to arrive in plenty of time to ensure they arrive undamaged and are properly sized for an efficient installation.
  3. Ensure your choices maintain a cohesive style throughout the home.

    The finish is perhaps one of the most obvious elements of a fixture, with shape or contour a close second. The colors and styles of items create a certain look and feel, and you want that certain look and feel to flow throughout your home. For example, if you like a modern, sleek, streamlined style, you’ll want to carry that from the entryway to the kitchen and other living spaces. If you love the look of brushed silver, polished stainless or matte black, you might want to use selections that work within that palette or complement it as you go room to room.

    Making thoughtful choices for each room within the context of your entire home will let you add some unique touches while staying within the parameters of your chosen style.
  4. Put your money where it counts now.

    While a picture-perfect home on the day you turn the key and move in is the dream, it may not be reality. You may not be able to have everything you want right away. While some things may be easy to do yourself later, others will not. Those others are the fixtures you need to get right the first time. Your kitchen faucet is a prime example, and we’d like to introduce you to one that we think is a winner.

    The Grohe Zedra pull-down kitchen faucet with triple spray embodies all the elements today’s homeowners are looking for in a stylish, modern fixture that offers clean functionality.
    • With its single handle and single-hole installation, this contemporary faucet is simple yet elegant—and easy to keep clean.
    • The ergonomic pull-down spray head is integral to the faucet’s gracefully flared design. The triple-spray option lets you switch easily between a regular stream of water, a gentle spray and a blade spray, letting you fill a pot, clean some vegetables or power-rinse a plate—and pause in between if you like.
    • The handle rotates forward, so it won’t interfere with a backsplash. Grohe SilkMove technology ensures the handle’s smooth, precise control always gives you exactly the flow and temperature of water you desire.
    • The faucet can smoothly rotate 360 degrees, making it the perfect choice for an island or other open yet busy area.
    • German-engineered, the Grohe Zedra uses ceramic disc valve technology for leakproof performance.
    • While scale can be a problem in many faucets, the Grohe Zedra features SpeedClean rubber nozzles that let you wipe away limescale with the swipe of a finger.
    • Grohe’s StarLight coating keeps the luster on its brushed, matte and polished finishes looking brand-new for years of use and enduring beauty.
    • The Grohe Zedra faucet is available in four finishes—StarLight Chrome, Brushed Cool Sunrise, SuperSteel Infinity and matte black—its incomparable style an asset to any home.

Invest in quality fixtures that you’ll love now and will continue to love and enjoy for years to come.

One final tip is to work with a reputable supplier who is experienced in working with contractors and clients and understands the cost, quality and timeline challenges associated with building a new home without downtime or delays.

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