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Sanitizing for the Holidays: Bathroom Faucet Upgrades

The holidays usually mean friends and family, hugs and elbow bumps, get-togethers, entertaining, shopping outings and public activities. Meanwhile, this time also co-exists with the cold and flu season as well as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Even with our best preventive efforts, germs make their way into our homes. Either we bring them in, or our guests do.

Keeping our homes healthy and germ-free depends on good hygiene—specifically, thorough, regular hand washing. Luckily to make it easier and safer, many modern bathroom faucets are designed to assist in eliminating germs and preventing their spread.

Importance of Hand Washing

Touch is one of our five senses, and our hands are key tools we use to explore our world. Our hands touch everything from our toothbrush in the morning to the money or credit cards we handle throughout the day, the door handles we open and close, the documents we exchange in our jobs, merchandise we consider buying and more.

All those contacts make our hands extremely efficient collectors and distributors for all of the bacteria and viruses that are sometimes impossible to avoid. With this in mind, washing your hands thoroughly can help stop the contact-to-contact germ pathway by killing bacteria and viruses and sending them down the drain.

Bathroom Faucet Upgrades for Contactless Hand Washing

To use traditional faucets, you still have to grip the handles to turn the taps on, adjust the temperature and force of the water, and turn the taps off. In fact, you could turn a tap on with contaminated hands and wash your hands so that they’re clean only to contaminate them all over again simply by turning off the water. You may also contaminate the next person to have contact with that faucet and its handles.

To solve this conundrum, leaders in the bath fixture industry have invested heavily in technological features for bathroom faucets that allow contactless or minimal-contact control. One simple bathroom faucet upgrade could keep everyone from passing germs round and round all winter long. One simple faucet upgrade could let you turn water on or off, adjust the temperature, control the force and maybe even save water in the process with the slightest of bumps or no touch at all. Here are a few of our top picks to keep your home clean and stay healthy this year.:

Delta Touch2O Technology and VoiceIQ

It’s almost hard to believe, but you can talk to your bathroom faucet, and it will respond—if, that is, it has Touch2O Technology. While Delta’s Touch2O Technology lets you turn water on or off by simply using the handle, lightly touching the spout or handle, or even just placing your hands near the faucet, Delta’s VoiceIQ Technology lets you take it a step further. Compatible with Delta faucets with Touch2O, Voice IQ lets you simply ask your faucet for the temperature and amount of water you want. A convenient website interface lets you set up your Voice IQ device as well as customize your preferences and monitor water usage.

American Standard’s NextGen Selectronic Touchless Faucets

American Standard lets you go touchless in the bathroom affordably and at a commercial level that is ADA compliant and extremely durable yet simply stylish and easy to keep clean. They’re sensor-ran, programmable and almost completely touchless — yet they still give you control. A simple lever lets you select your temperature, with all mixing done above deck and no need for bulky undercounter controls. You can also enjoy the benefits of the SmarTherm safety shutoff system designed to prevent scalds and burns, automatic shut offs that conserve water and automatic purges that ensure the water you use will always be fresh.

TOTO Luxury Bathroom Faucets and Touchless Soap Dispensers

TOTO is a premium brand renowned for the beauty, design, quality and durability of its bathroom fixtures. Award-winning design delivers elegant faucets you can control with an equally elegant and smooth Comfort Glide lever that’s responsive to a gentle nudge. TOTO also has a touchless faucet and has developed Soft Flow technology that envelopes your hands with a strong, soothing stream of water while also eliminating splashes and splatters. Add one of TOTO’s touchless sensor-operated foaming soap dispensers, and a more relaxing and hygienic hand-washing experience would be hard to find.

Create a Cleaner Bathroom Experience 

Intrigued? You can find even more minimal-contact and touchless bathroom faucet options on the Coburn’s website or in your nearest Coburn’s Bath and Kitchen Showroom. Shop today, and upgrade your bathroom faucet with beautiful technology that will keep your home, your family and your guests healthy all year long.


Delta Touch2O



American Standard