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Art Deco

Art Deco Interior Design has its origins in the French artistic decorative designs of the 1920s and 1930s. Art Deco is a dramatic, modern and glamorous trend that remained popular in the U. S. and Europe through almost three decades. In today’s contemporary furnishings and fixtures, the Art Deco style still inspires designers due to its reliance on simplistic lines, vivid color, metallic and rich wood accents.


Bold & Exotic

Minimalism and streamlined surfaces are a significant part of the Art Deco style as simple lines blend with functionality. However, Art Deco Interior Design is never bland or neutral. This bold style pairs vivid colors like sapphire, jade or lemon with lacquered ivory or onyx to set the stage. Exotic marble, stone or artistically styled tile patterns form the surfaces of bathroom and kitchen floors and countertops. Oversized and angular light fixtures and gleaming faucets, showerheads and hardware create interest to the rooms.

High Style & Inviting

To achieve contrasting vintage and modern Art Deco interior design style, experiment with space, angles and geometry. Incorporate rich-exotic woods, natural higher-end stones, marble or tile for high style.

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Vintage Meets Modern

A little bit of Art Deco Interior Design goes a long way. Decorating your entire house in geometric patterns, bold colors and exotic materials may be too over-the-top in today’s homes. However, weaving in a few signature pieces such as a sunburst styled chandelier in the dining area, or black lacquered cabinets with mirrored knobs in the bathroom creates a focal point of interest to a room. Today’s more neutral shades of soft greys, beiges, creams in paints and fabrics paired with an accent color in a very rich jewel tone will make the room pop.

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