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Japandi Interior Design Style

Japandi Interior Design originated during the 19th century when Danish designers traveled to Japan and began incorporating designs and craft techniques into their own. The Japandi style trend has become popular in the U.S. due to its emphasis on quality and sustainability. The Japandi style can be recognized in fixtures, flooring, furnishings, lighting, and accessories by contrasting natural materials, shapes, and elements.

japandi interior design showroom

What Is Japandi Interior Design?

Japandi interior design is a unique and beautiful fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, a harmonious blend of simplicity and functionality that is steadily gaining attention among design lovers around the globe. This design philosophy features a minimalist design aligned with Japanese and Scandinavian design values. With an emphasis on neutral colors and the natural beauty of materials, each piece of furniture and decor in a Japandi-style space is functional and carries a sense of peace and calm. The Japanese influence can be seen in the bespoke handmade pieces that are key components, filled with a sense of calmness and an appreciation for the beauty of imperfection, a concept borrowed from the Japanese notion of Wabi-Sabi.

Minimalist & Careful Crafting

Clean and simple backdrops in neutral color schemes blended with carefully crafted wood furnishings and natural material accents are a significant part of the Japandi style. The darker woods from Japanese design exist alongside Scandinavian light woods with soft, bright, color pops.

The Scandinavian influence can be seen in the organic shapes, the honest design and the emphasis on the human experience of the space. A muted color palette, earthy tones, and a mix of materials characterize the Japandi design style’s look and feel. An abundance of wood infuses warmth into space, from darker, rich mid-tone woods representing the Japanese aesthetic to the lighter woods favored in Scandinavian interiors. The abundant use of organic materials like wood and stone, combined with the sleek, minimalist design aesthetics, makes Japandi design a perfect marriage of two distinct yet complementary design philosophies.

Warm, Textured Simplicity

To achieve the Japandi Interior Design style, focus on functionality using high-quality constructed modern furniture and shelving. Organic upholstery, natural fiber rugs, drapes, blinds, and lighting shades add character and texture to the space and provide a warm, serene atmosphere.

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Nature Meets Modern Ingenuity

The Japandi interior design style resonates with modern U.S consumers. It solves real and practical functional needs in living spaces and emphasizes thoughtful placement of furniture, fixtures, and accent pieces. Each chair, table, faucet, shelf, sink, or countertop must be crafted of the highest-quality materials and blended harmoniously into a purposeful, comfortable home.

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japandi interior design showroom

The History of Japandi Interior Design

Hailing from the 19th century, the design marriage of Japandi blends two distinct design philosophies—Scandinavian Japanese interior design aesthetics. It forms a harmonious blend of the minimalist aesthetic and the beauty of imperfection. Scandinavian designers initiated the concept by fusing Japanese design values found in furniture with the Scandinavian style’s natural elements and tactile materials. Japandi interior design is centered around the Japanese notion of finding beauty in imperfection, a principle deeply ingrained in the culture since the 18th century. This principle is combined with Scandinavian design’s emphasis on minimalism, functional designs, and honest use of materials, which became prolific during the 19th Century.

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