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Scandinavian Interior Home Design

Simple, but intentional. Cozy and inviting, with just the right amount of warmth. It’s no wonder Scandi style has crossed the ocean to grace American homes. The peaceful and calming atmosphere, thanks to the tidy and streamlined surroundings, provides a deep sense of relaxation — a much-needed break from the busy lives of many people. Luckily, this style is as easy to implement as it is to love.


Prim & Practical

Above all else, Scandinavian decor style emphasizes uncluttered practicality. This minimalistic style embraces clean lines and neutral colors, while furniture often serves multiple purposes — beds with built-in storage, window sills that double as lounges and sofas that convert into beds to accommodate extra guests, for example. Throw in some wood details and you’re well on your way to mastering scandinavian home design.

Natural Elements & Warmth

To achieve a Scandinavian interior design style, focus on incorporating light-toned woods and other natural materials like leather and wool. Maximize natural light through large windows & sheer curtains, and don’t shy away from indoor foliage.

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