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10 Fall Home Decor Trends in 2022

For many of us, fall is our favorite time of year; temperatures are finally cool, nature changes its colors and the air gets fresher. Fall home decor gives us one more way to celebrate the seasonal shift and maybe even keep a bit of it all year long. After all, autumn is the time for reaping the rewards of all our hard work from the rest of the year. Plus, we’re realizing just how important it is to have living spaces that we truly love and feel good about. Fall home decor offers the ultimate comfort, and some autumn changes now will easily carry you through 2023 and beyond.

1. Color

Colors are warming up and becoming more personally expressive. To switch up your home for fall, you can go for rich and cozy, vibrant and jewel-toned, or somewhere in between. The intent is a feeling of warmth, richness and saturation. Fall’s colors are true, but they come from every part of the spectrum. Take, for example, the various paint company front-runners for their 2023 colors of the year—Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore, Terra Rosa by Dunn-Edwards, Redend Point by Sherwin-Williams, Canyon Ridge by Better Homes and Gardens, or Vining Ivy by Glidden. From wine-like plums and reds to gem-clear blue-greens, oranges and neutrals, they all come from the warm side of color.

2. Patterns and Prints

Patterns are making a comeback, bringing with them interest and maybe even some fun quirks. Checkerboard and checkered patterns seem to be everywhere in every color scheme imaginable, but so are many other patterns and prints—including a few stripes and even polka dots. Tessellations—patterns that interlock, repeat and are often found in nature—lend interest. Likewise, block prints with their repetition yet complementary variations dress up spaces. Some easy ways to incorporate patterns are throw rugs, accent chairs, pillows, window coverings and linens, but floor tile, kitchen backsplashes and bathroom tile also offer great aesthetic opportunities to work in a unique pattern or design.

3. Natural Materials and Finishes

Pandemic confinement brought a greater appreciation of the outdoors and the desire to bring the outside in. It’s a trend that’s here to stay, with elements like wood, stone and earthen composites high in the rankings. Wood grain is to be celebrated. Stone can take any form, from a tabletop to a countertop to floors or sculptures. Some of the most beautiful new soaking tubs are stone or mineral composites specially engineered for comfort and lasting beauty. Essential design element or accessory, if it’s from or of the earth and offers texture, solidity and a sense of permanence, it fits.

4. Texture

Texture doesn’t have to be rough. Instead, think velvety plush in soft, warm fabrics and coverings. The nubby loops of bouclé work little miracles in everything from upholstery and coverings to throws and rugs. Look for that little bit extra like woven cane or rattan in the back of a chair or the form of a basket. Whether it’s the crocheted or knitted pattern in an afghan, the weave of a placemat or the fluffy pile of bath towels warming cool tile, fall gives us the opportunity to opt for that little bit extra.

5. Layers

Many of us cannot maintain minimalism and aren’t at all certain that we want to. You don’t have to. Layer your interior design with the things that you love, and that mean home to you. The color of the walls is just a start. Build the effect of trim and lighting. Choose or arrange your anchor seating, cabinetry or other furnishings so that rooms are not only beautiful or functional but also comfortable. Allow yourself the small tables and shelving that let you enjoy the things that bring you joy—photos, art, sculpture, books, even holiday tchotchkes or cookware. The art is in combining the layers of colors, textures, patterns and light in ways that reflect your personality and make your home your favorite space.

6. Vintage Pieces With Character

Classical vintage pieces give a space the feeling of enduring worth and beauty—a sense of permanence in a world that is fast-paced and constantly changing. Mid-century modern and retro styles are especially popular thanks to their availability. Many pieces were mass-produced in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. The look is clean, definitely from the past, yet when restored or given a little love, statement pieces radiate that luxury designer vibe that makes them so desirable. A deep polish with some quality beeswax often brings out that seasoned gleam and the subtle smell of clean and care that we all love. Some styles are so highly desired that manufacturers are incorporating stylistic touches into new lines.

7. Arrangements

While fresh flowers and floral compositions are always popular, arrangements of dried natural elements are back—preserved blooms, boughs, grains, husks, seed pods and more. Think bountiful wreaths for the entryway or garland-style arrangements for a mantle or table runner. Many plants that lived outside for the summer may need to come in. It’s the perfect time to create a green space by a window that lets in nourishing light and to repot plants grown large in some new planter schemes.

8. Glassware, Tablescapes and Kitchens

Hot chocolate, spiced cider and spiked coffees call for something special—as do autumn’s switch to comfort foods. Consider updating glassware to something elegant and smoky and incorporating some colorful ceramics or even food-grade earthenware or pottery. If you’ve been contemplating going even further—say, for example, acquiring new cooking accessories, mini appliances or even a whole new oven to take your traditional dishes to another level—replacing or upgrading for fall leaves you just the right amount of time to perfect your new techniques for the winter holidays waiting just around the corner.

9. Outdoor Spaces

In the South, fall and winter often offer perfect outdoor entertaining weather. It might be time to cozy up the porch, patio or deck with an outdoor heater or fire pit to ward off chilly nights. With darkness falling earlier, you might also consider some lighting additions for decks, stairs and passageways. If summer was hard on the outdoor furniture, it might be time to refurbish or replace pieces. With summer’s intense heat, humidity and bugs at bay, you can finally really enjoy outside dining and entertaining throughout fall and into the holidays.

10. Functional Beauty

Fall is the perfect time to check all of your home systems, fixtures and appliances to ensure that they’re functioning to the desired performance levels and that they remain an aesthetic asset to your home. Summer’s heat is past, but chillier weather is coming. It’s also the time of year that many appliance manufacturers release their new lines. You can access the latest and best or perhaps get a great deal on the previous year’s luxury models.

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Updating your living spaces with some fall home decor leaves plenty of leeway to make your home more of everything you love most. Whether it’s warming up your color palette, installing cabinetry featuring a natural wood grain finish, or adding a hot water tap for that instant cup of tea or hot chocolate, Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom has just what you’re looking for and more. If you’ve been thinking about making a few changes, explore our website, or stop by your nearest Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom. Fall is the season of change — let us help you make the most of it.