4 Ways to Level Up Your Outdoor Living Space

With warmer weather on the way, patio season is definitely upon us. From evening parties and backyard cookouts to the occasional indulgent porch nap, you may increasingly find yourself inventing excuses to turn off the TV and head outside.

This desire, of course, is only made easier with an attractive outdoor space outfitted for all of your whimsical wants and needs. Are you a seasoned socialite who enjoys hosting gatherings? A backyard optimized for group seating and entertainment may be ideal. Are you a reserved book worm looking to relax? A space specialized for privacy might be more your speed.

The point here is that understanding your end goal can help you determine what type of space you need. If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor area this season, here are four ways to approach your renovation:

1. Prioritize the Patio

Spending more time outdoors starts with actually having a place to sit and enjoy yourself. If you don’t already have a patio, porch or suitable sitting area, this is definitely the first place to start. These projects can range from simple DIY to advanced, so knowing what you’re looking for is a big piece to solving the patio puzzle.

If you have a slab or stone foundation ready, then your renovation may only include small additions like patio furniture, awnings or lighting. However, if you’re in need of a foundation or are looking for structural changes that may affect the rest of your home, calling in a professional will pay off in the long run.

2. Factor in Food

Without the right setup, backyard cookouts and garden parties are often limited to BBQ fare and simple side dishes. Sometimes more traditional, kitchen-prepared options are offered, but this usually means the cooks are caught between entertaining their outside guests and managing food preparation within the house. Sure, this doesn’t seem like a huge wrench in the works. But when it comes to getting the most from your outdoor space, convenience is at a premium.

Patio additions like stainless steel ovens, sinks, propane grills, fryers and any necessary plumbing may seem costly up front, but they significantly add value to your home — and enhance your outdoor hosting capabilities, too.

3. Plan for Practicality

Don’t get completely lost in aesthetics, though. While the color of those patio cushions are important, having features that make your space both enjoyable and accessible to visitors will do wonders for the overall value it gives you.

Does your patio get a lot of sun? Consider adding an awning or ceiling fans to reduce radiant heat. Do you or your guests require wheelchair or walker assistance? Planning for ramps and/or paved walkways between backyard features can help everyone enjoy the space. What about mosquitoes and other pests? Consider screening in your seating area or adding torch repellents around your backyard’s perimeter to reduce their effect.

4. Upgrade Your Greenery

Of course, you can’t forget about the best part of being outdoors: the environment! Adding pops of color and sprinkles of shade can transform any basic backyard into your personal outdoor oasis. Not to mention, adding select species of flowers like marigolds and rhododendrons can attract butterflies and hummingbirds during certain times of the year.

Consider the arrangement of your backyard, its lighting and your potential uses for its space. If you plan on hosting outdoor games like volleyball or croquet, limiting trees and flowers to the perimeter may be the best way to go. Otherwise, you may be able to find interesting layouts that intermingle seating areas with blooming beds, vegetable gardens and more.

If you’re experienced with gardening and planting, this may be a project you can complete by yourself. However, for extensive landscaping changes and features that wow, hiring a professional can help you get the results you want in a much shorter time frame.

Count On Coburn’s

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