Ready, Set, Renovate! 4 Ways to Optimize the Value of Your Home Improvement Remodel

Each new year always brings the desire to start fresh. Sometimes, that means a simple spring refresh for a part of our home. Other times, it involves transforming a new house into a place all your own. Regardless of where you fall, making the most of your home improvement project is essential — for both your satisfaction and for your investment.

With building material costs on the rise and labor shortages, this isn’t always easy to do. According to online home design platform, Houzz, remodeling costs for 2019 are only going to continue their climb upwards. Currently, the average-sized kitchen costs nearly $11,000 for a basic update, and many projects eventually reach $40,000.

Such a steep investment is enough to make your palms sweat. Are we allocating enough funds here? Are we penny pinching too much there? Are we overlooking something completely? Will I see the return on this investment in the long-run? These are all questions that will cross your mind. To help you address them, here are a few focus points to keep in mind during your renovation.

1. Focus on the Kitchen

Kitchen remodels are proven to be one of the most valuable home updates in terms of dollar-for-dollar return on investment. As such, it’s crucial to prioritize any areas for improvement in this space, especially if you’d like to see a sizable increase in your home’s value. Several key areas that people often consider for remodelling include cabinets, lighting and countertops, with new countertops adding significant value for many homebuyers.

For upgrading older linoleum countertops, consider engineered quartz over natural stone. In Monroe and surrounding areas, quartz countertops are gaining steam in remodel projects and new construction. Due to lacking a porous surface, quartz requires less maintenance and is more durable than natural stone options and often comes with more extended warranties than its natural counterparts.

2. Choose the Right Appliances

Upgrading your appliances can make a substantial visual impact on your kitchen remodel. According to Houzz, refrigerators and dishwashers are at the top of the list for home upgrades in 2019, with stainless steel remaining the favorite finish. It’s both clean and durable while still allowing for bolder looks with mixed metal pairings and black stainless options available.

If your budget allows, consider also incorporating appliances that offer technology upgrades to make your home future-friendly. From wireless controls to built-in speakers, today’s high-tech appliances can transform your cooking experience and make everyday kitchen activities seamless.

3. Optimize Your Space for Accessibility

Living in the moment is a great mindset for your dinner out or that family road trip, but it’s definitely not the best strategy for a significant remodel. Hinging too much of your budget on current fads sets a short timer on how long your remodel will remain in vogue. Instead, opt for long-lasting style with upgrades that get better with time.

Also, consider elements of your kitchen that could be adjusted to accommodate anyone of any age. Often overlooked changes, like lowering kitchen countertops and widening walkways, can transform your home into a space that continues to welcome you or aging loved ones well into your later years — and can add value as the buying population skews older.

4. Get Professional Insight

With most of a renovation’s budget being funneled into obtaining the best materials and appliances, little is usually left over for getting the expertise of a professional. It’s better to reduce the scope of your project to engage professionals first than to penny pinch for DIY results.

However much money you’re planning to pour into your project, remember: No matter how high the quality of your materials or appliances, if they’re not installed properly, this shortcut could cost you significantly in the long run. Don’t skimp—it’ll save you in the end.

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