4 Ways to Treat Your Home This Holiday Season

Holiday deals make the season of giving the perfect time to treat yourself to a home upgrade. You can get the things you need to make entertaining more relaxing and fun. Then, keep enjoying your new additions all year long. Whether you’re looking for a luxury gift idea or something to raise your home’s wow factor, we’re starting small and saving the best for last.

1. Upgrade to new dinnerware and flatware.

This holiday, do it. Create that festive tablescape that will celebrate the food you’re serving. Go ahead, and choose those bold colors or fun patterns for plates and serving dishes, or opt for time-tested elegance that you can switch up for each new occasion. For perfection, invest in a full service of silverware complete with matching servers, and enjoy a sense of ease and abundance. To ensure entertaining remains fun, choose items that are dishwasher and microwave safe.

2. Add accent seating.

One really great chair in the just-right spot can set the tone for a space, creating the perfect vignette to take the eye deeper into a room. Adding the right chair—or pair of chairs—can define and even seem to expand space while adding a comfortable, coordinating focal point.

  • Consider the size of your space and traffic patterns. The chair should not be undersized or oversized but just right and able to fit into a room’s layout without interfering with traffic patterns.
  • Coordinate color, finish and texture with existing furnishings. Choose a chair that enhances, preserves or even establishes the color and texture balance of your space—a pop of color to ramp up interest, for example, or a simpler, cleaner piece to make a space flow.
  • Make style and shape serve purpose. Curves, angles and time periods influence a piece’s suitability. For example, will you actually use the chair, or is it ornamental—or both?

3. Update aesthetic items.

Décor creates an impression and tone that can resonate throughout an entire home. While true quality is timeless, some aesthetic items originally intended to convey beauty can come off as dated or awkward. Fashionable interior decorating trends can shift dramatically over time, leaving a home with faded, tired features that might not have been flattering even when they were current. Most, however, are easy items to add or update while gaining a big return on investment and lots of positive impact.

  • Window coverings like curtains and blinds—Just trading a few bulky valances for some long sheers, for example, can lighten the feel and create a more spacious backdrop for your furnishings.
  • Accent and area rugs—Rugs are great for anchoring furnishings and defining spaces. Elevate style while protecting high-traffic areas on finished floors or carpets.
  • Accent and task lighting—Decorators typically use three layers of lighting—overhead, accent and task—to vary illumination throughout a space. The goal is to create interest and depth by using both light and shadow to effect.
  • Throws and throw pillows—Whether you’re looking for an easy way to add holiday pops of color or you just want a fresh look, throws and pillows are relatively inexpensive and readily available. Meanwhile, their lush fabrics, motifs, piping, fringes, tufting and other details promise luxurious comfort and style.
  • Wall décor—The aesthetic items on your walls serve as your art, and the art you choose to display tells a story about who lives there. It should also work to hold a room together, giving it a cohesive beauty. It may be time to finally have a favorite piece professionally matted and framed, organize and group a thematic collection, or retire old standby filler pieces in favor of something truly special and meaningful.

4. Splurge on a TOTO Washlet.

If you’ve never experienced a TOTO, you’re missing out. Better than a typical whole-room renovation, the TOTO Washlet lets you change the entire bathroom experience with one key feature—the toilet you would have designed yourself if you could. In short, TOTO’s Washlet takes cleanliness to new levels of comfort:

  • The auto-open and auto-close lid is sensor-operated and completely hands-free. It opens when you approach and closes as you leave.
  • The specially contoured heated seat lets you select a sensor setting between 82 and 97 degrees.
  • A pre-mist feature wets the bowl, improving waste clearance by 80 percent compared to a dry bowl.
  • The Washlet’s self-cleaning wand is automatically sanitized prior to and after each use.
  • Custom cleansing settings give you a range of wand options like front versus rear cleansing, cleansing spray patterns, and adjustable water temperatures and pressures.
  • The hands-free warm-air dryer also has customizable temperature settings.

When you’re done, the Washlet even cleans the bowl using its eco-friendly EWATER+ feature. From start to finish, the Washlet is state-of-the-art sanitary luxury. Once your holiday guests have used it, they’ll want one for their homes too!

Cheer Up Your Space at Coburn’s

We’re all looking forward to holiday get-togethers more than ever this year. If you’re like most of the hosts and hostesses we work with every day, you want everything to be picture-perfect and fun for everyone.

If you’d like more inspiration for upgrade ideas for the home that will make everyone smile, Coburn’s is the place to start. Explore our website, or make our nearest showroom your holiday destination. You’re sure to find just what you’ve been looking for.


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