5 Ways To Elevate Your Hosting Game This Season

As the holidays approach, attention turns to family, friends and gatherings that mark the special occasions we all love to celebrate together. As the awesome host that you are, you obviously want your guests to feel comfortable, well fed, appreciated and welcomed. To do that, you may want to take a peek at your current digs to see if there’s any room for improvement. Here are a few upgrade ideas for high-use areas to help you be the ultimate host or hostess this year—and ensure that your celebrations are the ones everyone wants to attend.

1. Supercharge Your Kitchen

Now, you can serve restaurant-quality food with the Thermador Leap Into Luxury Collection! The primary challenge in entertaining is that the food you serve has to be both delicious and plentiful. To help, Thermador’s Leap Into Luxury Collection gives you luxury appliance packages designed to work quietly and efficiently, give you more usable space, look fantastic, and allow easy wireless connection and control. Three tiers of luxury let you select the package that’s right for you:

  • Enjoy a spacious counter-depth French-door refrigerator that lines up with your counters for that luxury built-in look and feel. It has the special perks that matter like diamond-shaped ice from an automated filtered ice maker, a Quick Chill feature, stainless steel ThermaFresh drawer mats and adjustable theater lighting.
  • Choose from a gas range, dual fuel range with a gas-flame stovetop and electric oven, or built-in double ovens paired with a 36-inch Masterpiece induction cooktop.
  • Go with a 30-inch Pro Harmony Wall Hood and integrated blower, the 30-inch Built-Under Microwave Hood or the 36-inch Masterpiece Chimney Wall Hood to keep cooking areas clean and comfortable.
  • To clean up afterward, you’ll simply load everything into your Emerald 24-inch dishwasher.

With professional handles and other high-end features, the Thermador Leap Into Luxury Collection lets you spend more time entertaining your guests and less time stressing because these luxury appliance packages were created to meet your expectations.

2. Deck Out Your Dining and Living Areas

No one wants to stand the entire time at a party. To ensure everyone feels comfortable, be sure to provide generous seating for dining, conversation and relaxing at every event you host this season. Achieving your goal may be as simple as replacing old, wobbly dining chairs with new ones or expanding the traditional sofa-loveseat combination to include a comfy sectional arrangement. Adding a long server or console can provide additional serving space while safely storing personal items. Coffee tables and small tables offer guests convenience too.

3. Add Comfort to the Outdoors

While outdoor spaces are great options for adding additional gathering room for guests, they can also be surprisingly cold when darkness falls and seasons change. Providing a reliable heat source creates an instant gathering spot that your guests will be happy to hang out in. You can even splurge on an outdoor kitchen complete with fireplace and pizza oven, or warm up seating zones with a centerpiece fire pit. Outdoor space heaters also come in every size in both gas and electric.

4. Upgrade Your Guest Rooms

Giving overnight guests a good night’s rest is a genuine sign of welcome. Replace old  lumpy mattresses with new ones, and add a comfy mattress topper. Then, dress it all in ample bedding that eliminates blanket wars. Be generous with pillows and extra blankets, and don’t forget end tables and charging outlets so that guests have a safe spot to place personal items and charge their devices. To complete your hospitality, ensure guests have room to place luggage and clothing. For example, a sturdy hook for a garment bag or a convenient hotel-style folding luggage rack that matches your furnishings ensures everything has a place.

5. Polish Your Bathrooms

Nothing is more frustrating or embarrassing to a guest than having to use a bathroom with fixtures that aren’t working properly. If you’ve been struggling with some items that don’t pour, flush or drain like they ought to, now might be the time to start that update or to invest in some restorative deep cleaning. Once everything is in order, you can finish it off with bright lighting complete with dimmer, fluffy new linens and gentle soaps crafted for sensitive skin.

Kickstart Your Upgrade at Coburn’s

Entertaining is a blast when you have the necessary digs to keep guests happy. If you would like more ideas on how you can make your home more welcoming, relaxing and stress-free, Coburn’s is the perfect place to start looking. We have easy modern improvements for every space inside or outside your home for every season of the year.