5 Must-Have Updates for the Modern Kitchen in 2022

The new year is here, which means it’s time to reimagine both your life and your living space starting with every home’s favorite room — the kitchen. After all, the kitchen is where the household comes together to eat, tell stories, and enjoy each other’s company. You don’t want this central space to become outdated or unwieldy. With the right updates, your kitchen will stay right on the cutting edge, making it easier to use the space for food preparation, eating, and socializing. This year, there are countless potential updates to choose from. Here are five great options to consider as you reinvent the most important room in your home.

Designer Buttons for Your Garbage Disposal System

The whole purpose of a garbage disposal system is to maximize convenience, and you can make the system even easier to use by installing a handy air switch, like the designer Air Switch Buttons from InSinkErator. Their eye-catching switches easily plug into wall outlets and send power to your garbage disposal system. Halfway along the cord, the stainless steel power button makes it easy to turn the system on or off without having to walk to a switch on the wall.

Not only stylish, this simple update also makes kitchen cleanup a faster, easier task. We all know that washing dishes can be a messy process, and it’s always annoying to step away from the sink with wet, dripping hands. With the InSinkErator Designer Air Switch, you’ll be able to manage your garbage disposal and clear food residue all without leaving the sink. 

Warming Drawers

Snazzy, sleek, and oh-so-convenient, warming drawers are quickly becoming a standard feature of the modern kitchen. Built into the wall to avoid taking up extra space, these miniature ovens keep food warm without drying it out. They’re also available in countless sizes and styles, meaning you’ll have no trouble finding the model that’s perfect for your kitchen.

Warming drawers are perfect for keeping food warm for a late-arriving family member. They’re also ideal for dinner parties, allowing you to prepare some parts of the meal ahead of time without letting them go cold. Once you’ve had warming drawers installed in your kitchen, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them.

Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality

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KitchenAid 44 dBA Dishwasher in PrintShield™ Finish with FreeFlex™ Third Rack

When you have a busy home, staying on top of things like dishwashing can be tough without the right tools in your arsenal. If you’re considering a dishwashing upgrade this year, consider the feature-packed 44 dBA Dishwasher in PrintShield™ Finish from KitchenAid. Complete with its expansive FreeFlex™ third rack, this top-of-the-line dishwasher allows you to wash more dishes than ever before with cleansing features that deliver a deep clean. 

Plus, there’s no need to suffer from an ugly, impractical dishwasher. Its sleek appearance, enhanced by the PrintShield finish, makes it a perfect addition to a stylish modern kitchen. With the KitchenAid 44 dBA installed, you can make life easier and your home prettier. 

Multifunctional Island

Enhancing a kitchen is all about promoting practicality, and nothing is as practical as a multifunctional island. This single addition to your kitchen will increase counter space, give people more places to sit, and make it easier to complete cooking projects while making less of a mess.

The most common problem people face in the kitchen is a lack of places to simply set things down. It’s amazing how quickly a small counter can get covered in dishes, pots, and pans. With an island providing additional space, you’ll be able to cook an entire meal without feeling cramped for kitchen real estate and having to clean up as you go.

Streamlined Cabinetry for Optimal Storage 

Sometimes, the issue isn’t too much clutter — it’s too little storage. Storage space is almost always an issue in the kitchen, and streamlined cabinetry could provide an optimal solution for your layout. If your cabinets don’t give you the efficient storage space you need, it’s time to make a change. With added or reconfigured shelves and a concealed space to keep your trash can out of sight, a new set of cabinets can make your kitchen prettier and more practical all at once.

Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level This Year at Coburn’s

With the new year providing you with an extra burst of energy, now is the time to get inspired, get planning and make your kitchen remodel a reality. To get started, schedule an appointment at your local Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom for expert guidance on products that work best for your home. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the modern, practical kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.