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Innovative Home Updates for 2022

The new year has arrived, and if you’re like most homeowners, you’re always on the lookout for new ways to keep your home current with the latest smart devices. From kitchen appliances to bathroom fixtures, these tools help simplify busy days and make daily activities easier to complete. After all, clever technology for the home can save us time and maybe even soothe those stress bumps that leave us exhausted by the day’s end. To help make every day better, here are a few of our favorite innovative home updates thus far for 2022:

The TOTO Washlet+

TOTO’s focus is on designing to create a culture of comfortable, healthy living that can be enjoyed by everyone. The Washlet+ is a bidet toilet that delivers on that promise with a full range of automated personal cleansing options plus sanitary technology that lets you customize your preferences. You can customize every setting, from the temperature of the toilet seat and air dryer to the temperature, pressure and spray pattern for the water. On top of that, this bidet system features:

  • AIR-IN WONDER-WAVE technology, which uses air-rich water droplets to deliver a thorough yet gentle spray stream through the cleansing wand.
  • ACTILIGHT, which uses light, oxygen and water to keep your toilet clean and sanitary without the use of chemicals.
  • PREMIST, which wets the toilet bowl surface prior to use.
  • EWATER, which mists the wand and toilet bowl after each flush, so your TOTO is always clean and fresh. The Washlet+ also has an automatic deodorizer.
  • Hands-free operation thanks to an autoflush feature and sensors that open and close the seat lid automatically.
  • An adjustable warm air dryer to complete your cleansing process.

TOTO also makes a full Washlet bidet seat assembly that can bring customizable Washlet personal cleansing technology to compatible existing toilets.

KitchenAid Smart Oven+ with Powered Attachments

Did the holidays alert you to the fact that your oven just can’t do the things you wish it could? KitchenAid’s smart wall oven is part appliance, part chef. Opt for a double-wall oven, a single-wall oven or a combination that includes an upper microwave convection paired with a lower Even-Heat True Convection oven. These ovens are smart, so you can enjoy precision timing for the dishes you cook, use voice command and even cook through an app connection.

Attachments function as an integral plug-in to the oven, so you can craft dishes that are restaurant-worthy. The attachments are interchangeable and include an oven-powered grill, baking stone and steamer. KitchenAid even includes recipe tutorials to go with each attachment. Just follow along on the full-color touchscreen interface in Recipe Guide mode.

Thermador Stainless Steel Star-Sapphire Dishwasher

Thermador makes lovely appliances, but when it comes to cleanup, their smart dishwashers make life so much easier. This dishwasher features an Entertainer’s Drawer, which is a third rack, its shallow depth perfect for serving utensils, bottle openers or special cooking tools that need their own space. It also offers the following features to make dish management simple and stress-free:

  • Star Glow Lighting lights the inside of the dishwasher—no more reaching into a dark dishwasher or having to turn on a harsh overhead light. It’s fun too. Choose your color from the Home Connect app to suit the occasion.
  • Star Speed gives you the option of a quick, 20-minute hot-water wash cycle—the industry’s fastest.
  • StarDry gives you the ultimate in drying power with Thermador’s Zeolite technology—a naturally occurring substance that radiates heat. The system uses no chemicals and requires no replenishment or maintenance.
  • Smart capabilities use the Home Connect app to let you personalize controls, get notifications and do remote diagnostics. If you want the dishwasher to run, all you have to do is tell it to.

Moen Nio Smart Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen faucets have had sensor capabilities for a while now, but truly smart faucets can revolutionize cooking and other kitchen tasks. Moen’s Nio Smart Kitchen Faucet was designed to be modern and streamlined, and those qualities transfer directly to you and your lifestyle. You can control the faucet four ways—by voice, by app, hands-free and manually.

The interactive app allows full control, stores usage data as well as pre-sets and customized personal preferences, and receives notifications. You can use it to get precise water temperatures up to 120 degrees and measurement amounts up to 15 gallons all in one request. Its built-in wave activation sensor lets you turn water on and off with one simple motion.

Four spray settings let you choose from aerated stream, boosted rinse, boosted stream and powerful cleansing rinse. Power Clean technology increases spraying power by 50 percent, and the Reflex system ensures smooth operation and easy, secure docking for the pulldown spray head. But it doesn’t end there — the Moen Nio Smart Kitchen Faucet will even help everyone wash their hands better. It has a command made specifically for that task.

MrSteam Steam Shower iDream Package

MrSteam’s mission is bringing spa-quality steam therapy to your home bathroom. The company has already assembled perfect packages with everything you need to create your own personal steam escape. It’s the perfect feature to work into a bathroom renovation or incorporate as your own personal treat to soothe your senses.

The steam shower unit heats water until it becomes steam vapor and pumps it into your enclosed shower space. With a MrSteam package, you never have to step into a chilly shower space again—or waste gallons of water waiting for the water and space to warm to a comfortable temperature. You get instant steam and warmth on demand. The custom controller lets you personalize temperatures and timers and interfaces with your chosen relaxing MrSteam accessories like ChromaSteam, AudioSteam and AromaSteam.

ChromaSteam lets you operate and control colored lights in your steam room. Select color and brightness levels, or let colors shift through the spectrum automatically while you bathe. AudioSteam lets you play your preferred music when paired with any Bluetooth source, hardwired AUX source or FM radio. And finally, AromaSteam lets you automatically infuse essential oils into the flow of steam.

Step into the Future with Coburn’s

A new year brings opportunity for improvement—for you, your home and your lifestyle. If you’d like to know more about how to take advantage of these innovative home updates or would like to learn about more ways to automate your home, you can start by exploring our website or dropping by your nearest Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom. Our team is knowledgeable about each one of these brands and can make sure you find the perfect home updates for 2022.