Bathroom Ideas To Bring the Spa to Your Home

1. Reset your bathroom’s color palette to calm.

Bringing together a peacefully pleasing color scheme is as simple as thinking about your happy place. For example, nature is an instant relaxer for many of us, so what is it about those outdoor moments that sweeps your cares away? Is it the soft blue underbelly of a cloud, the delicate green of new leaves, the bits of ivory and taupe in a handful of sand? Just bring that organic inspiration inside, tempering it to fit your tastes:

Stick to low-intensity colors: Intense colors advance, making spaces feel smaller. On the other hand, lighter colors recede, which gives you more space to breathe.

Limit your palette choices: Competing colors generate conflict and stress. Instead, use complementary neutrals that naturally flow with your primary color.

Include your entire space: A palette stretches from floor to ceiling. The colors of fixtures like toilets, sinks and faucets count. The same goes for shower tiles, floor tiles, cabinetry and counters.

Use light and texture: Glossy surfaces reflect light while flat finishes diminish it. Gleaming surfaces convey a sense of cleanliness, and glossy paint and other surfaces are often easier to keep clean.

2. Choose a freestanding bathtub or a steam system for the shower.

The watery, steamy spa experience is what makes a spa truly refreshing. Thanks to modern engineering, it’s now something you can have for your very own bathroom at home. Two luxurious spa-like options are freestanding bathtubs and upgraded shower systems.

Freestanding tubs have become the focal point for a stylish, modern bathroom and highly desired bath feature. New clean, nonporous engineered materials let you select the perfect soaker tub shape, fill it to the brim and relax as long as you like in water that stays warm. Many also have air bath or whirlpool options as well as smart controls that let you pour the perfect bath on time — every time.

Shower steam systems mean no more using up and wasting hot water to warm the space. Instead, units instantly convert cold water into warm steam that’s safely set to around 118 degrees. Steam units are extremely water-efficient — many using around just two gallons for a 20-minute experience, for example — versus a typical shower’s 50. Enjoy the steam sauna experience. Then, finish with a cool, invigorating shower or a relaxing hot one. You can even use your freestanding tub as a plunge pool, alternating steam and immersion, or soak your cares away at the just-right temperature.

3. Update lighting to allow personalization.

You don’t have to have harsh, bright lights to start every morning or finish your day. Even if someone you share the bathroom with wants startlingly intense illumination, dimmable lights, a programmable lighting system or even a compatible dimmer switch can let each bathroom occupant select the perfect level of lighting for them. Turn up the illumination to apply makeup or fix hair, for example, but turn the lights low for that relaxing soak or initial morning visit. Smart systems let you control lighting while snug in bed or relaxing on the sofa, and you can even schedule lighting activations or shifts.

4. Upgrade towels, hand towels and other bath linens.

Spas take great care in selecting the linens they use. Likewise at home, bath sheets, towels, hand cloths, throws and other linens need to look beautiful and feel amazing, yet they also have real jobs to do. Here are a few considerations for choosing your materials for supreme comfort:

Absorbency: You want to be able to pat—not rub—your skin dry with a towel that will readily pick up moisture. Premium cottons are the most absorbent options.

Durability: Shrinkage and lint shed are the death of many towels. Look for high-quality materials that are put together well. That means dense weaves, tight stitching and double-turned edges.

Color Fastness: Washing to remove residues like soaps, creams, oils and lotions can be hard on colors—especially dark or strong colors. Higher-end towels may feature advanced dyes or finishes designed to withstand warmer wash cycles and stain removal products.

Drying Time: Spas actually have to consider the fine line of just how thick, fluffy and generous they want their towels and other linens to be. The thicker, fluffier and bigger they are, the longer they take to launder and fully dry—a critical factor in calculating how many of each type of linen you’ll need to have in use and on hand.

5. Accessorize to nourish mind, body and spirit.

Choose accessories and accents that make your bathroom spa space yours. Often, it’s the little things that bring us the most pleasure, relaxation and sense of rightness with the world.

Given sufficient light, plants like ferns or air plants often thrive in warm, humid bathroom environments. In turn, their living presence not only improves air quality but also offers the comfort, color and beauty inherent in natural living things.

Diffusers paired with essential oils are a key tool used in aromatherapy to relieve stress and promote a sense of calm and wellbeing. The right scent can help you feel more alert and prepared in the morning, for example, or help you get ready for uninterrupted sleep at night.

Music can be therapy for the soul, and slick additions like smart in-ceiling Bluetooth speakers are a seamless way of letting you stream whatever playlist your mood demands. Be sure to choose speakers that are intended to handle the humid bathroom environment, though!

For frequent soakers, a long shelf, wide windowsill, oversized basket or convenient stand can keep a book, special soaps or bath bombs, sponges, a few chocolates, an extra towel and other bath-time favorites handy and within easy reach.

Create Your Spa with Coburn’s

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