Redefining the Soaking Experience

Today, the ideal bathroom not only features an advanced shower system for the get-up-and-go times but also a relaxing freestanding tub for those wind-down-and-soak times. In fact, many consider a stylish soaker the ultimate centerpiece of their bathing experience. After all, a relaxing bath offers physical and mental benefits that you often don’t get with a quick shower.

Benefits of Immersion Bathing and Soaking

Yes, showering is the quickest and easiest option to wash away the grime of the day. However, the practice of fully immersing and soaking in a tub holds additional health benefits that you can capitalize on with a premium soaker tub:

  • Immersing the body in warm water helps dilate blood vessels—increasing blood flow and reducing blood pressure.
  • Immersion baths have been shown to reduce stress, tension, fatigue, anger, depression and even pain for some.
  • There are studies that show bathing regularly and soaking in a hot bath can even reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Discover the MTI Mallory Freestanding Tub

If you’re on the fence about bathing or have grown accustomed to the shower life, you haven’t met the MTI Mallory freestanding tub. Yes, many tubs lay claim to aesthetics and a pleasurable bathing experience. However, MTI’s Mallory soaker tub embodies all of the best qualities of beauty, form and function:

  • Minimalist Freestanding Design: With its soft curves, gently rolled rim and symmetrical design, this tub from MTI’s Boutique Collection promises a calm, soothing clean. You’ll find that its classic shape makes installation easy with no “correct” position needed.
  • SculptureStone® Construction: MTI Boutique Collection tubs are solid stone tubs. They’re made of engineered SculptureStone®, a mixture of ground natural minerals and high-performance resins. The SculptureStone® yields a strong, nonporous yet naturally beautiful material available in matte or gloss finishes as well as select exterior custom colors.
  • Temperature Insulation: Instead of wicking away the warmth of your bath, the SculptureStone® material and its insulating properties help to keep your water hot longer.
  • Easy Cleaning: SculptureStone® is nonporous and made of stone and resins that make it resistant to mold, mildew and stains.
  • Air Massage System Option: You can soak and enjoy the added therapeutic luxury of an air bath thanks to 20 jets that pump heated air into your bathwater. The air helps to circulate water with a massaging effect much like a gentle whirlpool tub. The blower motor is whisper-quiet, and a waterproof keypad and additional remote control let you adjust air bath intensity levels to your preferences.
  • Perfect Size: At 66 inches long and 35¼ inches wide at the brim, the Mallory is a perfectly sized soaker with a comfortably tapered lean-back—a generous 115-degree curve that deepens to 110 degrees. You can lie back, fill it to the top and never worry about running over. Not to mention — it seats two.

Bathtubs are about more than simply getting clean. A great soak every now and then can do wonders for your entire well-being. A good tub also makes a home more appealing to potential buyers. According to Realtor Magazine, growing families need at least one bathtub, and luxury homeowners expect at least one—one very nice one at that. 

If you’d like to learn more about the MTI Mallory freestanding tub or see all your options, visit your local Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom today. Our team is knowledgeable about every product and can help you select a model that fits your needs.