10 Luxurious Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

How To Build a Luxury Bathroom on a Budget

Some of the most common reasons to remodel a bathroom are being able to save costs on water and power and adding value to your home. Many times, dream remodels are large-scale, with replacements for everything—maybe even an addition with a whole new bathroom.

However, most of us have to balance new costs with all of our regular responsibilities and expenses. We have to work on our bathroom remodel on a budget, and that may mean making changes incrementally, in steps. Here are a few ideas on how to create a luxury bathroom on a budget to get you started. You’ll quickly recognize that for each, you can go as small or large as your budget allows.

1. Upgrade the Shower

Retiling a shower can be a major undertaking—stripping out the old tile, repairing walls and painstakingly installing new tile. Even under the best of circumstances, tiles can crack, and tile cement and grout can fail. Bootz NexTile Pro offers a much simpler solution that’s every bit as beautiful and durable yet easier to maintain. Plus, everything you need—everything—comes in one box. So what exactly is it?

  • NexTile is a “watertight silicone-free solution” for aging showers and tub surrounds. It can also be used in new construction.
  • It comes in sized panels of clean, glossy white. It looks and feels like tile even though it’s not.
  • You can choose between subway tile and smooth options.
  • Kits come with a built-in recessed shelf that you can customize with an inset of tile.
  • Installation is simple. You can affix the panels directly to wall studs, and the tools needed for installation are basic—ones that most people already have in their toolboxes.

Considering that the shower and tub area are often focal points in a bathroom, updating and freshening a shower or tub and surround carries a lot of positive impact for the price point. With the Bootz NexTile Pro kit, you can have the luxury feel of a whole bathroom remodel for a fraction of the cost and work.

2. Replace the Toilet Seat

Toilet seats are subjected to a lot of wear and tear, staining and scrubbing. Even the lid can start to look a bit shabby despite being clean. You can replace your current seat with a one-for-one replacement or an upgraded version. You can find seats that offer everything from soft-close, quiet-close or slow-close features to lighted seats. There are seats with lids that automatically open and close, as well as ones that offer lift assist to the user. For ultimate luxury, you can add a heated bidet seat like the TOTO Washlet. If you’re interested in achieving better water efficiency or adding extensive luxury features, you may decide to replace the entire toilet.

3. Frame Your Mirrors

The idea has been around for a while now, but when it comes to an easy, cost-effective change for the bathroom, adding stylish molding to frame a large wall mirror is a must-do. Contractors frequently simply mount large frameless mirrors over a vanity with small screw tabs. While the frameless mount offers a minimalist look, adding molding gives a more finished and furnished look. Just match the molding to your style, and be sure to buy enough to accommodate corner-angle cuts.

4. Add a Heat Lamp

If you’ve never stepped out of a shower or tub and into the warmth of an overhead heat lamp, you need to try it. You’ll be convinced. Especially in a large bathroom that can be chilly, a heat lamp in the right spot lets you dry off and don a robe or clothes without a chill. For late-night showers or baths, it’s also the perfect lighting for relaxing before bed. You just might find yourself using it on even the hottest of days to beat the chill of air-conditioning.

5. Freshen Up Your Faucet

Faucets often outlast a sink. If a faucet becomes persistently leaky despite repairs, shows corrosion, has stripped or worn internal threads, or sports a marred finish, it may be time to replace it. It can be surprising what an effect a stylish new faucet with all the features you really wanted can have on the appearance of your bathroom and your pleasure in using the sink. Be sure to understand what you’re buying, however. Compression valves, ball valves and cartridge valves are older technology. The newest quality faucets have ceramic disc valves—two discs with channels that align to determine water flow and temperature. Ceramic disc valves are noted for their precision engineering, reliability and durability.

6. Get a Luxury Showerhead System

How the water comes out in a shower really does matter. If you’re still using the shower head that came with the house or condo, you may want something more attractive or more in line with your personal preferences. Many systems now have not only an elevated or overhead shower head but also a hand shower that can be used while still mounted on the wall or conveniently in hand. Sets come in every finish from black to chrome and every variation in between. Especially if you’re using a Bootz NexTile Pro kit, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your shower and bath fixtures too.

7. Hang a Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System

Water and music seem to go together. With Bluetooth technology, you can finally be rid of all the cords and wires in the bathroom. Simply match the speaker up with your mobile phone, and you’re ready to rock out or mellow out with your playlist. Speakers range from compact but mighty mobile units that give quality stereo for about $100 to larger units that cost several hundred dollars. If you’re able to splurge, you can install a whole system for a total spa audio experience.

8. Buy New Linens

The caveat here is that you don’t have to buy expensive towels and rugs. You just need to buy new ones that fit your budget, and that won’t make you regret their purchase when it’s time to replace them. After all, even the best towels eventually need to be retired to the car wash pile. However, fresh new towels and washcloths and a few new washable throw rugs are basic expectations in a spa setting and give a sense of luxury in a personal, private one.

9. Use a Hamper

Nothing dresses down a bathroom like dirty clothes and used bath linens piled on the floor. The hamper doesn’t even have to be in the bathroom if space is tight, but you do need a destination for laundry-bound items to get them off of the floor and keep them corralled. A hamper furnishing with a lid replaces an open pile or laundry basket with neat, clean orderliness. For the best result, choose a hamper that contributes to your bathroom’s style yet offers ventilation as well.

10. Redo the Floors

Many bathroom flooring options have limited lifespans simply due to the temperatures, humidity, moisture and dirt that a bathroom floor has to handle. Over time, repeated cleanings and use may signal that new flooring may be in order—especially if other updates and replacements have left marks or gaps. Many flooring options are quite affordable, ranging from materials like luxury vinyl plank to waterproof laminates, ceramic tile and more.

The amount of time we spend in the bathroom makes it one of the most important rooms in a home. Having a bathroom that’s a pleasure to use, however, doesn’t have to break the budget. You just need to pick, choose and spend wisely.

If you’d like to explore more ideas on how to create a luxury bathroom on a budget or how to upgrade your bathroom, Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom is a great place to start. Stop by one of our local showrooms to share your thoughts with one of our design consultants, or go online to check out our extensive website for yourself. We work with all of the best manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that you’ll always be able to find exactly what you want—for your bathroom, your kitchen and your entire home.