Luxury Home Updates to Enhance Your Staycation

We wish our homes could be every bit as relaxing and luxurious as the vacation destinations we dream of visiting. The challenge is figuring out what it is exactly that those places do to make things look and feel so wonderful — and how you can carry that over into your own home for a staycation lifestyle. Here are a few ideas that are not only doable but also likely to add value to your home and way of living.

1. Add a Soaker Tub

Those elegant tubs at high-end spas are no accident. The clean lines and gleaming surfaces are from a world where troubles or worries do not intrude—and even if they linger a bit, they just quietly slip right down the drain. We say that you can have that carefree refuge in your own bathroom, and the first tub we’d suggest would be the MTI Quinn Freestanding Soaker.

  • It features a contemporary design that mixes well with any style. It’s a clean, elegant rectangle with tapering concave sides and plenty of room.
  • The Quinn is made of cross-linked cast acrylic and reinforced with a backing composite made of fiberglass, titanium and resin. This underlayer is thick, adding not only strength but also insulating qualities to keep bathwater at that just-right level of warmth.
  • That alluring gleam is thanks to a beautiful nonporous finish that’s easy to clean and highly resistant to stains and scratches.
  • The Quinn is available as a soaker tub or with MTI’s state-of-the-art therapeutic air bath system.

A soaker tub like the Quinn is designed to be the centerpiece of your bathroom, a pleasure to the eye as well as the body. The Quinn is available exclusively at Coburn’s.

2. Design a Bar Area

One of the things we all love about luxury stays is how there’s a bar for everything and anything food or drink-related, and that’s something that transfers easily to a home.

  • Create a space where you can have the coffee maker that does everything—a traditional 10-cup carafe as well as travel mugs, single cups, or even a cappuccino or espresso. Leave space for the mugs, napkins, a spoonful of sugar, and a biscotti jar or two.
  • Add an instant hot water dispenser to the sink area, and create a bar area featuring instant just-add-water favorites like specialty teas, oatmeal, hot chocolate or lemons.
  • Make a mixed drink and wine bar area complete with a portable ice maker, assorted glasses, and a beverage chiller for wines and mixers.
  • Arrange the fundamentals for the perfect on-demand breakfast bar—Belgian waffle maker, toaster or convection oven, microwave and bread rack.

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3. Create a View

Create that private outdoor space where you can sit quietly and enjoy a peaceful view with your favorite cup or book. Everyone’s special spot will look a little different.

  • One may feature a small koi pond surrounded by fern.
  • Another may arrange various types and sizes of cactus or succulent plants around a dry-laid patio.
  • For birdwatchers, it can be as simple as a feeder, a birdbath and some native plants.

4. Add an Appliance that Does Tasks for You

The really fun thing about getting away is the fact that you take a vacation from chores so that you can devote your attention and efforts to the things you really enjoy doing. Nearly every appliance imaginable has adopted smart technology that lets you do things more quickly, more easily or barely at all. Pick the chore you like least—the one you dread most—and let an appliance take over.

  • A smart dishwasher with extra racks and heavy-duty pot-scrubbing options means one load can fit everything and get it clean.
  • An oven that understands exactly what you’re making and when you want it can cook it flawlessly for you.
  • A clothes washing machine that quietly gets the stains out the first time without making a tangle can have your clothes ready for the dryer when you want them. Just schedule it in the app.

While many hands make light work, the right smart appliances can make tasks no work at all.

5. “Spa-itize” Your Home

Every room—even a home workspace—has the potential to become a calming, relaxing place. When we hear the word spa, our mind immediately leaps to the bathroom and the idea of gleaming touchless faucets, toilets that automatically clean with the barest whisper, showers that deliver not only water at the perfect temperature but also steam, and fluffy towels you could sleep on. But, that same level of peace and comfort can be created in every room.

  • Repaint in soothing colors.
  • Add a whole-house wireless stereo system.
  • Incorporate adjustable smart lighting options that let you match illumination to your mood.
  • Replace clutter with multi-purpose furnishings that are both beautiful and useful.
  • Choose arrangements and design elements that are easy to maintain and keep clean.
  • Improve ventilation if needed—fans, for example, or dehumidifying systems—to maintain good air quality.

Even kitchens can use spa elements to become a more tranquil space when there’s a place for everything and everyone—and everything is easy to use.

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