The Agitator: A Washing Machine Must-Have

If you’re buying a new washing machine in today’s market, a major decision is whether you want a machine with an agitator or without an agitator. Most machines either have one or don’t. As you might expect, if your machine has one, there are times you might wish it didn’t. Likewise, if your machine doesn’t have an agitator, there are times you might wish it did.

The good news is that you no longer have to choose. Whirlpool yet again is proving itself a leader in the home appliance industry by offering a washing machine with an agitator that you can easily remove or install as needed with the all-new Whirlpool 2-in-1 Removable Agitator Washing Machine. But before you dive into the full details, what even is an agitator, and why is everyone raving about the 2-in-1 technology?

What Does a Washing Machine Agitator Do?

 An agitator is typically a tall post or spindle that rises from the bottom center of the washing machine’s tub. It usually has vanes or fins that help to agitate or rub fabrics as the agitator twists back and forth. The idea is to make fabrics move around and against the agitator so that the vanes or fins can loosen dirt and stains. The agitators are specially designed to clean the fabric without causing wear.

How Does a Washing Machine Clean Clothes Without an Agitator?

Washing machines that don’t rely on an agitator instead have an impeller in the bottom of the wash basket. Impellers are usually low-profile disks that create movement within the load and make fabrics rub against other fabrics. The movement is designed to rotate and circulate items in the load from the perimeter to the center for a consistent result. Impeller washing machines typically use less water than agitator-based loads yet move clothes around more and longer for a deep clean.

Which Is Better: An Agitator or an Impeller?

 Both washing machine components excel at the jobs they were designed to do.

  • Agitators are the traditional format for top-loading washing machines and are known for delivering a quick, hard clean. They typically require more water than impeller-based cycles and use a more vigorous action but offer shorter cycle times. They’re most effective for sturdy items that are dirty or stained. Classic examples would be gardening clothes or sports clothing used for football, baseball, soccer or BMX.
  • Impellers are known for delivering a gentle, deep clean. While they typically require less water than agitator-based cycles and have longer cycle times, they employ a high-speed spin that wicks away moisture for shorter drying times. They’re quite effective for items that are prone to tangling or that have straps, strings or other features that tend to catch on agitators. Impeller machines also handle items that are delicate, vintage, or bigger and bulkier well.

Can a Washing Machine Have Dual Modes—Both an Agitator and an Impeller?

While most washing machines either have an agitator or an impeller, the Whirlpool 2-in-1 has both. You can decide whether you want to use the agitator or let the impeller do the job for each load. This gives you the luxury of being able to use an agitator machine when you need it or an impeller machine when your load is better suited for a gentle wash.

What Makes the Whirlpool 2-In-1 Washing Machine Special?

Whirlpool’s 2-in-1 unit is a large-capacity, top-loading washing machine that is both smart and versatile. It gives you the option to customize every load yet makes keeping up with the laundry easy. For starters, the agitator is removable. You can do one load with it, remove it for the next and replace it for the next.

Each machine has a large load capacity—5.2 cubic feet with the agitator in and 5.3 cubic feet without the agitator, and the drum is stainless steel. With the Load and Go feature, you can fill the detergent reservoir and count on the unit to dispense the proper amount of detergent for up to the next 20 loads.

Key Features of the Whirlpool 2-in-1 Removable Agitator:

  • An integrated pretreat station with a built-in dual-temperature faucet and brush lets you handle stains right in the wash basket.
  • Adaptive Wash Technology with Active Bloom Wash Action uses sensors to determine the load size and adjust water levels and wash action appropriately.
  • A deep-water wash option automatically adds water when dirty loads require more.
  • With the automatic presoak option, you can set your wash to soak for 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes. At the end of the set time, the washer will automatically progress through your chosen cleaning cycle.
  • A delay start option lets you schedule wash cycles so that they’ll finish when you’re ready for them—no more creases, wrinkles or odors from long periods of clean laundry waiting while wet.
  • The quick wash cycle finishes in as little as 30 minutes.
  • The 2 in 1 is quiet thanks to sound-absorbing materials.
  • The top-close lid features transparent glass. You can visually check on your laundry without opening a lid or interrupting the wash cycle.
  • A direct-drive motor means that the 2 in 1 is able to handle larger loads and has fewer moving parts.
  • The spin cycle reaches up to 850 revolutions per minute to wick away moisture and decrease drying times.

Since the 2-in-1 Removable Agitator is a smart appliance, you can use the app to make the most of every option and customize your washing machine to your personal preferences—choosing wash cycle types, scheduling wash cycles or even activating voice control. Overall, it offers all the options you could want while letting you choose the optimal cleaning settings for every load.

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