Modernize Your Space with Mixed Metals

While metal is often considered a functional part of the home, recently it’s also become a significant factor in interior aesthetic. This is especially true in the South, where homes have swung between trends of chrome, brushed nickel and oiled bronze for years. The fact is, these features don’t have to exist separately. By experimenting with metal combinations, a new design trend was born — and is likely here to stay.

Accents in Action

Perhaps the most versatile spaces for mixed metal use are the kitchen and bath. Here, you can include appliances like refrigerators, ranges and faucet fixtures that feature multi-metal materials within their design. Striking dualtone centerpieces, like those from the KitchenAid® Black Stainless Steel line, give a pop of diversity to your space while also widening your range for compatible accents. For versatility, Lake Charles Interior Designer Jenny Canter suggests working with black for an eye-catching yet adaptable look.

“Black metal acts as a neutral and can be mixed in to work with almost any style.”

Keep It Simple

While mixed metals offer a new degree of freedom to your design, choosing too many styles or textures can make a space feel busy and incohesive. Canter suggests sticking with two or three choices and incorporating those, rather than losing direction with too many selections.

“When mixing metals, it’s important to choose a dominant metal then add one or two as accents, depending on the size of your space. You can also bring in your metals with decor for continuity.”

Count On Coburn’s

To find a variety of mixed metal products for your entire home, visit the Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath showroom for ideas, options and guidance. Our design consultants will streamline your shopping experience to help create a space you’ll enjoy for years to come.