From Bachelor Pad to Family Home

It’s wedding season, and that means many couples are searching for their perfect first home together — or they’re trying to decide whose home to move into and restyle. For those in the latter category, making a home that was once a “theirs” become an “ours” is an undertaking that requires patience, attention to detail and, most importantly, a shared effort to ensure the overall design feels collaborative. Making the change from a bachelor or bachelorette pad to a shared home starts with assessing modifications that are needed; creating a welcoming, modern family home is a matter of choosing appropriate colors, furniture, decor and appliances.

Color Your World

Consider starting fresh by embracing an entirely new color palette; select a wall color that is easily matched or paired with complementary colors. Cozy up your living room by enveloping the space in warm, soothing neutrals like tanned camel or buttery yellows. Bedrooms can instantly become relaxing sanctuaries with cool tones like vibrant blues or charcoal grays. Bright whites or greige tones for kitchens and bathrooms make the space feel clean and on-trend while allowing for a variety of cabinet decor options, plumbing fixtures and lighting selections to make a beautiful impression in each room.

Once you’ve selected a color palette, find furniture and fixtures with mixed metals, leather accents or other unique decor features that can tastefully showcase your design personalities. Just by adding interesting pendant lighting pieces, your home will instantly feel more welcoming. Remember the rule of three in accent pieces: repeat a color or finish at least three times to make the space feel intentionally designed.

Embrace Your (New) Space

If you or your spouse were accustomed to displaying favorite sports paraphernalia in the living room, making the space look more like a post-game celebration station than a family-friendly area — consider substituting super fan staples with decor items like throw pillows or sofa blankets in the same color palette. If a room feels too feminine, replace an overload of pastels, glittered or floral pieces by incorporating a similar level of shine by hanging decorative mirrors or selecting mixed metal frames for wall art. Replacing old appliances — such as an old coffee pot, bathtub or refrigerator — with newer models is an additional way to make your home feel brand new. When you work together to decide what your mutual design preference is, your home will feel more collaborative.

Create spaces that appeal to everyone. When shopping, seek the advice of your spouse and family if necessary. After all, your loved ones will be more excited about any changes if they helped create the new space.

Count On Coburn’s

If you’re planning to convert a former bachelor or bachelorette pad, visit the Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom for project ideas and product guidance. Our design consultants and experienced staff take the stress out of the redesign and renovation processes and will help you create spaces you’ll enjoy for years to come.