Sleek & Sanitary Design: Going Touchless in Your Home

Touchless technology for homes has gone mainstream, and the timing couldn’t be better. With the continuation of COVID-19 spread and the need to avoid germs mounting, modern appliances and fixtures that utilize smart, sanitary design have become big selling points for home buyers. 

Making the Hygienic Transition

Although sanitation design really took off with the emergence of COVID-19, it’s a necessary evolution for home applications that will benefit everyone far into the future. After all, who wants to ever get sick if they don’t have to? From smart lighting systems and touchless toilets to infrared motion sensors, voice activation and smart Wi-Fi interfaces, there are a variety of options to make busy, germ-laden areas of your home or public space cleaner, safer and more convenient.

The most effective germ-fighting upgrades tend to fall into three popular categories:

  • Touchless Options: This group includes appliances and fixtures that reduce encounters and spread of germs by reducing or eliminating the need to touch high-traffic surfaces such as handles, switches or buttons.
  • Advanced Cleaning: This group is comprised of appliances that feature technology allowing for deep cleaning of surfaces and/or supplies or clothing. Within this category are deep cleaning washers and dryers, dishwashers and even UV lighting applications.
  • Disposal Upgrades: This group of products makes waste removal cleaner by limiting the ways we interact with refuse to reduce infection and transmission. Cool upgrades include food disposal systems, composting stations, and hands-free waste bins.

When considering what types of hygiene upgrades you’d like to make in your space, these three groups are a great place to start. However, as with anything that comes with an investment, not all upgrades are created equal. Let’s take a look at one of the most scrutinized areas of the home and how upgrades there can improve sellability and overall value.

The Bathroom Battlegrounds

Germs can be anywhere, but it should come as no surprise that many household microbes tend to fester in the bathroom. One study even found that there are, on average, 83 microbes per square inch on a typical toilet handle. Yep, pretty gross. And while these microbes could be harmless — they could also be serious pathogens that could make you and your family sick.

Luckily, home appliance and fixture brands like American Standard are already three steps ahead. With the Cadet Touchless Toilet’s hands-free sensor and bidet technology, American Standard provides one of the most sanitary bathroom experiences on the market.

Sporting an elongated bowl and a seat at perfect chair height, the Cadet is designed for comfort, style and optimal cleanliness. What makes it work? The Cadet flushes the toilet with an easy 2-second hand wave in front of the sensor. The sensor unit works on standard AA and AAA batteries that you can replace annually. And, should you find the batteries dead after finishing your business, you still have a manual flush option too.

The Cadet also features American Standard’s trademark EverClean double-coated surface that’s engineered to resist stains and odors caused by bacteria, mold and mildew. It’s a winner for water consumption and sanitary design and is part of American Standard’s Cadet Suite—a collection of matching tubs, sinks, whirlpools and bidets.

In addition to an infection-fighting bathroom fixture overhaul, you can also explore smaller upgrades to this area that include things like UV panel lighting for killing air and surface germs, antimicrobial tiling, flooring and more.

Go Clean with Your Next Upgrade

With the affordability of mobile apps and assorted sensor technologies, opportunities to make a home cleaner for the whole family are growing. Installation is typically no harder than traditional conveniences while style and functionality remain key. If you want to know more about smart, touchless design options, come see us at a Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom near you. We carry the brands you love and will work with you to bring your vision to life.