5 Features to Look for When Shopping for a New Dishwasher

A good dishwasher is a kitchen keystone—second only to the refrigerator, maybe. However, like every other appliance, the best dishwashers have certain key features that elevate them from serving as a bare necessity to being a luxury that you enjoy using every day. When you’re looking to upgrade your dishwashing experience, here are five factors to consider as you shop.

1. Timed Delay

Would you like your dishwasher to run at the same time every day? Set to start in the middle of the night, it could conserve hot water at bath time and save electricity. Being able to load the dishwasher and tell it to run at another time—seven hours later, for example—means it will actually run when you want it to.

2. Quiet Wash and Dry Cycle

Some dishwashers make a ruckus with thumps, groans and buzzing. It’s a key reason why people put off running them—especially if dishwasher noise carries through an open floor plan to compete with the television or other communication avenues.

3. Room for Your Dishes

Two flimsy little sliding racks of crowded, fixed tines make fitting glasses, bowls, plates, casseroles and anything else a nightmare. In contrast, spacious, sturdy racks with adjustable dividers allow space for the dishes you use—large and small—without the constant threat of chips or breakage.

4. Ability To Clean Your Dishes

Usually, jets located on spinning spray arms spray water at a 45-degree angle from a certain level to first wash and then rinse your dishes. If a dish blocks the spray of water for a particular area or the dishwasher has a poorly designed food and water filtration system, dishes remain dirty.

5. Clean Interior and Stylish Exterior

Dishwashers are supposed to clean the dishes and utensils we use to prepare or hold the food that we eat. A dirty interior can raise doubts about how clean the dishes are. Too, typically placed near the focal point of the sink, dishwashers should have an attractive, stylish exterior that can stand up to the job.

Discover the KitchenAid 44 dBA Dishwasher by Whirlpool

Some appliances do one or two things well, but the KitchenAid 44 dBA Dishwasher does them all. It’s everything a modern household needs and is looking for in a dishwasher. That 44 stands for decibels—just 44 of them. With the popularity of open floor plans, raised ceilings and open concept kitchens, KitchenAid made quiet cleaning a priority. Softer than conversation, barely above a whisper, it can run, and no one will even notice.

It’s also spacious and convenient. First, it has three racks—not two but three. You’ll find one at the top, one at the very bottom, and one in the middle that adjusts up or down to fit whatever you’re washing. There’s a place for everything—a tray for oversized cooking utensils, stabilizers for stemware and baskets for silverware as well as adjustable tines and deep racks for oversized or awkward items. Delay wash time for one hour, 24 hours or any number of hours in between. Select from seven different wash levels, or just choose ProWash to let the sensors decide.

The FreeFlex Third Rack features deep angles, rotating wash jets to clean every cranny, and a drying bar to wick away water for a flawless finish. And with an advanced Clean Water Wash System, the dishwasher uses microfiltration to ensure the water used for every level, angle, wash and rinse is always clean. To finish, the ProDry System uses fans to distribute heat and ensure dishes are nice and dry.

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