Three Long-Lasting Home Upgrades for the New Year

Welcome to 2022 and a whole new year of fresh ideas to make your home the best place to be. With constant innovations coming out of the home improvement industry, homeowners and contractors have more variety than ever to choose from. From updated fixtures to solid surface replacements, there are countless ways to take every aspect of your home to the next level. If you’re looking for renovation inspiration, consider the following features that focus on specialized materials, unrivaled performance and long-lasting quality:

1.  Porcelain Finished Soaker Tub 

Porcelain finished tubs offer much more than your run-of-the-mill acrylic or fiberglass tub inset. Whether you opt for cast iron-enameled or steel-enameled, you are going to get a finished product that delivers durable resistance to stains, scratches and cracks for years to come. Plus, with anti-slip milled porcelain granulation seamlessly finished into your tub’s glossy surface, cleaning is usually as easy as grabbing mild soap and water.

Created as an alternative to cast iron, the BootzCast porcelain tub design eliminated two-thirds of the weight but kept the nearly indestructible and brilliant porcelain enamel finish. As a result, the tub weighs just 90 pounds. Meanwhile,  the enamel is acid-resistant and finished to gleam day after day. These soaker tubs feature a 40-degree reclining angle for lumbar support and comfort, as well as full-wrap insulation to ensure your water always stays warm for your entire bath. Underneath the tub, a full-length pad is designed to absorb noise and give added strength and reinforcement.

Plus, Bootz offers a coordinating wall set to make the effect seamless. If you’re looking for something a bit more dramatic, with some clever design, you can easily install the BootzCast soaker tub for a standalone effect with more privacy than what a drop-in tub offers. The BootzCast Porcelain Finished Soaker Tub is available in white, bone and biscuit—perfect colors for clean, classic, calming style.

2.  Performance Kitchen Sinks to Match Your Lifestyle

The right kitchen sink can make everything easier—cooking, washing hands, pouring a bucket of water—just as the wrong one can make even the simplest tasks frustrating. For example, do you need two separate bowls to stay organized, or do you love the look and feel of a huge, deep farmhouse sink?

While configuration matters, so does the sink material. Selections can range from the ever-popular stainless steel or stone composites featuring granite or quartz to fireclay, enamel over cast iron or steel, and solid surface composites. At the higher end of the scale are the statement sinks of natural stone—carved from a single block of granite, quartz or marble—or copper, a material long valued for its incomparable beauty and antimicrobial properties. The material you choose has more impact than its initial appearance, however:

  • Heavier sinks may need sturdier cabinetry or supplemental reinforcement to secure and support them.
  • The color you choose can impact performance—especially for materials like granite or quartz. Darker granites weather against stains more easily than lighter granites, but in quartz, the lighter shades and aggregates are less likely to show scratches than darker tones.
  • Custom sinks typically require skilled professional installation. For example, fireclay sinks are handcrafted, so each sink can have slight variations.

3.  Solid Flooring That Will Increase Home Value

Quality flooring can be a real deal maker for a home on the market, so why not enjoy it yourself first? According to, the most highly valued floors are authentic solid-surface materials like wood, tile, porcelain or stone. Installed properly, they’re durable, easy to keep clean and speak to the quality of your home.

  • Hard wood is the most desirable flooring choice, and while it can be pricey, experts often place the return on investment at 70-80 percent. Some experts place it even higher—at one-and-a-half times your cost. While oaks, walnuts and cherries are popular choices, bamboo has been attracting increasing attention as a greener choice. It matures in just four years yet is highly durable and available in a full spectrum of finishes and colors.
  • For moisture-prone areas like entryways, kitchens and baths, ceramic tile, porcelain tile and stone are always winners for desirability and adding value to your home. While these last three can often look and feel similar, a key difference can be the density and uniformity of a tile throughout its thickness. Is the color only glaze-deep, or does it go all the way through? While higher in price, porcelains and stone composites are typically stronger, denser and less likely to show wear.

Finally, be sure to coordinate your choices—one hardwood, one tile and perhaps a stone for an entryway, for example—to give your home that calming feel of quality, unity and continuity.

Make This Year Yours

Deciding to upgrade your home is just the first step. Design and materials always matter because each variation has its advantages, installation requirements and best uses. To make sure you get the absolute best choice for your lifestyle and what you’re trying to achieve, explore our website today. 

It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with available products and options you might not even know you have. Then, visit your local Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom. Our showroom consultants can give you all the detailed information and guidance you need to ensure your home upgrade will be just what you envisioned.