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8 Seasonal Trends to Watch in 2022

A new year means new seasonal trends for your home and its features. For us, however, it’s not about giving up everything you love. Instead, it’s a way of appreciating how styles are evolving and where our ideal of a modern, stylish home is headed next. Here are a few design trends for 2022 to inspire you and help you implement new ideas, maybe tune up dated ones, and make your home feel fresh yet still distinctly you.

1.  Biophilia and Nature

Our instinctual love of nature will be a major theme in 2022. We’ll see it translate as palettes of natural earthy tones, deep textures and organic materials—with hues of luscious greens or warm browns sure to take center stage or serve as accents. Expect nature motifs both obvious and subtle in everything from bird-laced window treatments to acanthus-leafed lighting fixtures. As for indoor living spaces, they’ll be doing their best to bridge the divide from the outdoors through beautiful glass windows and doors that make rooms with a view and provide easy access to life outside.

2.  Sustainability for the Planet

The need to make responsible choices in building and design will impact everything from which resources and materials we use to how we interact with our living spaces. Key factors will be optimizing energy-efficiency, limiting environmental impacts, reducing waste, increasing the longevity of products and creating healthy environments. Smart appliances, recycled materials, and home efficiency systems and features that will endure time, use and style shifts will be key.

3.  Plants, Flowers and Gardening

With a nod to nature and healthy indoor environments, plants will be more important than ever. Plants help to purify our air and promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Many people find that the presence of plants boosts their creativity, productivity and ability to concentrate. Meanwhile, plants bring living color in pops, swaths, swirls and clusters as large or small as a space allows. In 2022, we’ll see them hanging in windows or arrayed in sunny indoor window boxes, standing quietly in a stunning vase or cascading from shelves, charmingly collected on a small tabletop or carefully arranged on an island counter.

4.  Layers and Privacy

While open floor plans have long been highly sought after, more time at home for everyone has made privacy and quiet time more valuable—and harder to come by. Design that adds layers and a sense of boundaries can keep that spacious, airy feel yet also create personal spaces. On-trend will be bookcases, screens, shelving, artwork, vignette groupings, small tables and alcoves that create a sense of place within a space.

5.  Pet Friendly Décor and Furnishings

For so many of us, pets have become family, and we want our homes to express that in ways that bring us—and our pets—happiness and ease. This trend is heading way past traditional carpet-covered cat trees and fluffy dog beds to custom-crafted dog crate cabinetry, built-in feeding stations and nooks, pet-friendly human furnishings upholstered in performance fabrics, human-friendly pet furniture, and—of course—organizers specially designed to store or display all of the needed pet items we simply can’t do without.

6.  Vibrant 3-Dimensional Art

Art can be both inspirational and the finishing touch for a space, and interest is only increasing in art that comes off the walls—in shape or in vibrancy. Art experts point to the addition of neon and its offbeat gallery effect when placed near sculpture, for example. Objects with brilliance, shine or exceptional interest will serve as luxe focal points. Art with high-value, uplifting color may depict 90s-style nostalgic subjects, and 3D abstracts will continue to hold the magical ability to transform a wall or room into a whole other place.

7.  Vintage and Tradition

Quality pieces are quality pieces no matter the time when they were created — and they tend to last. The grand millennial décor movement is partly a sustainability issue and very much an appreciation for older treasures like furniture crafted of real, solid wood, for example, that can otherwise be quite expensive and difficult to find. Vintage, antique and secondhand finds—great and small—will continue to be sought-after treasures that are reminiscent of past traditions and the promise of longevity.

8.  Smart, Health-Conscious & Convenient Automation

Lifestyles are more active than ever, and smart automated systems, appliances and conveniences can make all of our everyday tasks a lot easier. From smart lighting that makes early mornings more peaceful to hands-free faucets that eliminate unnecessary touching or baths that pour on time and on temperature every time, there are so many ways homeowners and contractors can elevate the user experience this year. Not to mention, home systems and appliance manufacturers are making their technologies more user-friendly as they push to increase personalization and customization options for every room in the home.

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