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Bohemian Interior Design

Free-spirited, or Bohemian, individuals have always sought to defy tradition with exploration and creative expression. Ignore conventional design and craft a warm living space influenced by other countries, cultures, and your panache’.

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bohemian interior design

What Is Bohemian Interior Design?

Bohemian interior design is an eclectic blend that combines an array of cultural influences, vintage pieces, and rich colors for a vibrant style. The captivating beauty standards of this design style are articulated through a lively mix of patterns and textures, layers of handmade textiles, and a judicious use of bright patterns. The Bohemian design is renowned for its cultural expression and invites you to fill the space with personal belongings and accents like family heirlooms or artisan pieces from vintage shops. The key feature of this design style is its spirit of free-spirited aesthetic and fun. Handmade items, jewel tones, wall hangings, earth tones, and potted plants are pivotal elements that further enhance the Bohemian vibe.

Blended, Layered & Personal

The key elements that define Bohemian Interior Design are the blending and layering of contrasting colors, materials with interesting textures, metallic fixtures, natural elements, and pieces with a foreign cultural influence. Mix in well-loved mementos and artifacts from your life, passions, and travels for a cozy, highly personal space.

Modern Bohemian interior design combines the traditional Bohemian design elements with contemporary styles. This juxtaposition manifests a more reserved color scheme with the occasional pop of color to maintain a boho vibe. The fun, free-spirited vibe of an original boho style is often tempered in a modern boho with minimalist styles, providing an inviting yet orderly space. Following the Bohemian color palette, spaces often feature earthy tones, then enriched with saturated colors and the strategic use of neutral tones. Furniture styles range from antique finds from local shops to modern pieces with a touch of character. This blend enhances air quality and results in beautiful spaces that imbibe a relaxed vibe and merry atmosphere.

Eclectic & Natural

Boho décor is all about using unusual items and natural elements to create your paradise. Think neutral tones accented with pops of nature’s favorite colors like fern, turquoise, orange, sunny yellow, and bright red.

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Comfortable and Meaningful

Bohemian Interior Design has no boundaries. What works is whatever speaks to and inspires you. Tell your visual story by exploring color, textures, and patterns. Layer thrift store finds, personal trinkets, carefully curated products, and let in the best of nature for a comfortable home that’s uniquely yours.

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The History of Bohemian Interior Design

The term “bohemian” first emerged in the 19th century to describe the unconventional lifestyles of wandering artists, writers, and musicians of the time. This concept has been transformed into the vibrant and eclectic bohemian interior design style, also known as boho interior design, which we know and love today. Boho interior design is characterized by its disregard for the beauty standards of the time, instead focusing on personal expression and artistic freedom. From the bold and rich colors to the mixture of patterns and textures, every piece in a boho home tells a story. Vintage pieces from antique shops, handmade items, and family heirlooms are commonly used to add a layer of depth and history to the space.

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