Contemporary Interior Design

Simply put, the Contemporary look is always in style. After all, the word itself means “of the moment.” Fans of the design embrace the incorporation of elements from styles like modern, traditional, art deco and more. Because contemporary design is always evolving, it can more easily mix with other styles — making it a popular choice across generations and demographics.


Bathroom renovation ideas for any home from Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom featuring a chic, modern bathroom design with marbled walls and cool gray accents.
Contemporary kitchen design inspiration including a sleek white island and dark brown cabinets, all tied together with bold statement chandeliers.
Modern Contemporary Interior Design showroom

What Is Contemporary Interior Design?

Contemporary interior design is a fluid, ever-evolving concept that incorporates the current trends comprising sleek lines, neutral colors, pops of color, and functional elements. This design style is typified by clean and straight lines, both in the space’s architectural elements and furniture pieces. Modern, contemporary homes often feature open floor plans and a neutral color palette punctuated with bold, saturated tones to give a memorable impact. Furniture in contemporary design tips towards the modern, with stainless steel appliances, reflective surfaces, and modern touches being in vogue. A careful selection of statement pieces, such as a piece of art or a floor lamp, can introduce bursts of individual style, accentuating a neutral palette.

Contemporary living spaces strive to maintain a stylish, neutral palette while integrating pops of color and contrasting textures. Gray and white walls provide a backdrop for the furniture and decor pieces to take center stage. A contemporary-style home is characterized by cool tones, with occasional warm, raw wood or rustic elements providing a balance. Monochromatic colors are commonplace, with soft color palettes like beige for the floor and elegant features like sheer curtains, providing a calming atmosphere. Lastly, contemporary design often includes unexpected, ornate designs. It touches like a steel fireplace surround or a Scandi-style cocktail table, creating a visually appealing and comfortable living space.

The History of Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary design is a fusion style, a unique mix of various design elements, movements, and trends that took shape in the latter half of the 20th century. Its origins are often linked to the onset of modernism in the 1920s, which favored clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and functional elements—key components in contemporary design. Further, movements such as Art Deco and Midcentury Modern provided a distinctive influence with their sleek lines, ornate designs, and bold colors. Contemporary design subsequently evolved, incorporating diverse elements like curves and straight lines, offering a balance that created a visually arresting impact.

One distinguishing feature of contemporary design is the era’s significant shift towards neutral palettes and monochromatic colors, often accentuated by thoughtful pops of color. The simplicity of a neutral color palette allowed space to showcase statement pieces, whether it be a piece of art, designer furniture or a memorable focal point like a steel fireplace surround. Furniture in modern contemporary interior design is often defined by pieces with strong lines, accompanied by softer items like modular sofas, accent chairs and coffee tables. The innovative use of natural and structural elements, such as raw wood and stainless steel appliances, added an authentic touch, bolstering the contemporary aesthetic.

The dynamic fusion of contemporary design style, simplicity, and function caters to a wide range of lifestyle preferences, allowing it to remain popular in homes and design firms globally. Its adaptability also extended to various spaces such as double-height living rooms, outdoor areas, and storage spaces. Today, contemporary design continues to evolve, showcasing a harmonious blend of past and current design trends, rendering it timeless in its appeal.

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