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7 Home Water Upgrades To Consider This Fall

Now is the time to start looking into some new, innovative water-related upgrades for your home for fall. With smaller projects, you’ll be ready to enjoy your improvements as early as the holidays, or—for bigger projects—you’ll have just what you need to be able to relax when weather warms again next year.

Whether you’re looking for something small like a home faucet upgrade that will make every day a little easier, you’re ready to take the plunge with a larger investment like an outdoor tub or pool, or you want something in between like a mini bath remodel with a new shower system, we have the just-right ideas and exactly what you need to make them reality.

1. Home Faucet Upgrade

You can still have your manual control, but smart hands-free options that offer consistent precision performance and customizable settings like the U by Moen Smart Faucet are real game changers. With a mobile app that allows unlimited customized presets, a digital voice assistant that enables voice control and a wave sensor that responds to a simple hand movement, you can always have your water exactly the way you want it: temperature, quantity, flow and duration. It’s an easy way to make life cleaner, more convenient and more efficient.

2. Smart Shower System

Make every shower the perfect shower with ideal temperatures delivered just the way you like it. You can even start it in advance so that all you have to do is step in and enjoy. The U by Moen Shower System is a smart device designed to provide exactly that experience. It works with any shower, giving you three modes of control: your voice, a mobile app and a physical controller. Create as many temperature and time presets as you like, or find your favorites from the 10 tried-and-true pre-programmed options. Then, start, stop or pause, knowing you can count on the system to alert you when your shower is ready.

3. Supplemental Sink

A well-placed, extra sink can improve lifestyle dramatically. A sink with a touchless faucet near the door lets everyone wash dirty hands coming in from out of doors without disrupting food prep at the main sink, for example. Another prep area with hot and cold running water could relieve the bottleneck in kitchen traffic. A generously sized sink in the laundry room lets you work on stains—or wash pets—and keep the process away from areas where you prepare food. In the right setting, a sink can make your bar area a focal point for seemingly effortless entertainment—especially for outdoor patio or kitchen areas.

4. Toilet Upgrade

Toilets can really date or age a home as well as be a magnet for germs. Hard water and mineral deposits can leave their marks regardless of how often or well you clean, and water efficiency and cleanliness have become priorities. Quality porcelain manufacturers now offer not only single-piece designs that are easier to keep clean but also high-efficiency working systems that include options like single and double flushing and touchless operation. Some models even incorporate temperature and motion seat controls as well as bidet-type options complete with temperature-controlled water-delivery systems.

5. Smart Sprinkler or Home Irrigation System

Unpredictable weather can put landscaping investments at risk. For a picture-perfect lawn without the hassle of having to constantly set up and move hoses or having to remember to manually switch systems on or off, opt for an in-ground irrigation system with a smart controller. While offering 16 zones is a common feature — some offer more — and you can access your timers from any wireless device at any time. Some even include automatic adjustment programs that respond to local weather conditions, seasonal changes or temperature warnings.

6. Soaker Tub

Sometimes, only a good soak in a bath will do. Baths are good for circulation, skin problems, aches, pains and whatever else might be bothering you. If your current tub or shower is not soak-inspiring, it may be time for a change. New models feature stylish, easy-to-clean composites that are contoured to fit a body’s relaxed curves and angles yet let you fill your bath to the brim. Pair your tub with bubbling air bath features and smart faucets that will fill the tub with perfectly temperature-controlled water on command, and you’ll have something to look forward to right in your own home.

7. Pool, Hot Tub or Outdoor Water Feature

Water outdoors speaks of luxury and good living. However, creating something you’ll truly love often takes some planning and a bit of infrastructure. If you really want that plunge pool, hot tub, koi pond or fountain to enjoy next spring, now is the time to start planning, preparing the ground and sourcing your materials. Plus, smart home options abound for all of these projects—from smart controllers that let you schedule cleanings, adjust water temperature or manage chemical delivery to apps that regulate pump controls, spa settings, specific water features or even lighting.

Explore Your Options

Affordable, easy-to-use technologies that so readily interface with all our electronic devices are dramatically raising the bar for the features that define a comfortable, modern home. Faucets are more than simple on-off water delivery fixtures. Personal preference and customization easily pair with touchless sensors and precision settings to guarantee consistent efficiency. 

If you’d like more ideas on how to upgrade your home or are ready to explore your buying options for something like the smart Moen Shower System, Coburn’s is the perfect place to start. Visit our website today or stop by your local Coburn’s to find the perfect upgrade for your home this season.