5 Ways to Create a Vintage Look in Your Home

Modern is not always better, and this is especially true when it comes to design. While some people like the industrial look with stark, stainless steel and minimalistic design, it’s not for everyone. If you crave vintage home decor or art deco interior design, then there are still ways to bring the look to life. Here are five easy ways to create the perfect vintage look in your home:

1. Coordinate Your Colors

Color sets the tone in any room. While modern colors are often washed or neutral, vintage home decor usually takes on a different hue. The exact colors you choose will depend on the specific era you are trying to recreate. If you like the classic art deco styling of the 1920s, then you should probably look at dark greens with gold accents. If you prefer the mid-century look of the 1940s, you may look at a sunny yellow, deep navy blue or red and white. 

When working with color, think about it comprehensively. You can certainly put a color on your walls to bring the room together, but color should also be executed in other touches as well. This includes fabrics, furniture, artwork, pillows, window coverings and more.

2. Choose the Right Materials

Interior design is more than the look of your space. It is also about the feel. Your decor should exist in all three dimensions, which means that the materials you put in the space really do make a difference. Materials evoke certain emotions, and they are also pretty indicative of different eras of design. If you are interested in art deco interior design, you will probably want to gravitate toward brushed gold or aged brass. 

Gold accents were made to pop in this design era, and you can really create a lot of ambiance with these metals. By contrast, if you are vibing with the 1950s, you might want to look for natural wood tones. In particular, knotty pine paneling was quite popular during this decade, and you can find more elegant ways to incorporate it into your final design.

3. Let Loose with Lighting

Light is an essential part of any space, and you should let it be a cornerstone of your vintage home decor. Lighting styles have varied dramatically over the years, so pay special attention to your light fixtures. For a style that is evocative of the 1960s, try investing in floor lamps and table lamps. Retro colors like bright green and orange were noticeably popular during this era. To take your style back further, consider art deco lights. Chandeliers were popular for their opulence, and crystal accents with gold fixtures were common. These touches should be authentic to the era you are designing for, and the right choices will bring your whole space together.

4. Pick Your Patterns

When you look at clothing, it can be easy to trace the decade by the patterns and colors being used on the fabric. The same is true in your interior design. If you really want to capture a vintage flair, then you need to use fabrics that speak to that past. Just take the 1920s for example. These fabrics often have geometric prints that tessellate. Arches and peacock feathers are great choices. If you opt for something with bright polka dots, it can be more reminiscent of the 1940s or 1950s. You can even look at the composition of the fabric in some cases. While cotton and wool were popular in the 1920s, synthetic fibers became more prevalent in the 1940s.

5. Find the Right Collection

Pulling a complete vintage theme can be challenging if you don’t know where to look, and finding vintage pieces is easier said than done. To make things easier,  you can explore vintage-inspired home collections that offer a variety of complementary room options all in the style you’re searching for.

One great example is the DXV Belshire Collection. Created in homage to the Golden Era of the 1920s, the collection features functional bathroom fixtures as well as design pieces that have a subtle art deco aesthetic. From colors and textures to materials used, all elements of this collection are drawn from that 1920s style and can easily create a tasteful vintage bathroom look. 

Create Your Look Today

Finding your favorite pieces to complete the design of your vintage space is a fun experience no matter which route you take. Whatever design style you’re striving for in your home renovation, Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom has the selection of products and design styles you need to easily get the job done. Schedule an appointment today or take our style finder quiz to determine your perfect style.