Adding Color in the Kitchen with Elkay

When you start thinking about designing or redoing a room, the first consideration is often color — even if other factors are technically higher priority. The dimensions and layout of a space usually come to life through the shades and hues that determine a living area’s mood. Then, it’s the complementary pops of color that ultimately make that space cohesive.

Kitchens can be particularly challenging thanks to cabinetry and appliances, but one manufacturer devoted to the focal point of every kitchen has mastered the art of adding color in the kitchen, combining pleasure with surprise. In fact, once you see the Quartz Luxe Kitchen Sink from Elkay, you won’t be satisfied with anything less. Here are a few features to consider when looking for your next statement upgrade.

Jewel-Tone Colors Both Subtle and Bold

With nine colors to choose from, you can make your sink exactly what you need it to be. Would you like the soothing calm of mint crème, parchment or ricotta filling with water? Or, are you looking for a grounding statement in caviar, charcoal or chestnut? Maraschino and jubilee add the posh zip of cherry red or a deep, rich blue while silver mist renders a time-honored neutral current and modern.

Color Levels for Every Installation Type

You decide how much color and where you put it when you choose your installation type:

  • Drop-in sinks have a finishing lip that overlaps your counter.
  • Undermount sinks have a narrow lip that sits beneath your counter, leaving only the basin to show below the countertop level.
  • Dual mount sinks have a versatile edge that allows installation as a drop-in or as an undermount sink.
  • Farmhouse sink models feature not only a large workstation but that long signature block of color right up front—the hallmark of a farmhouse sink.

Elkay sinks let you design by color reveal. Your choice of installation lets you use color as a surprise detail, an eye-leading accent or a purposeful statement.

Color-Rich Silky-Tough Finish

Color is more than pigment. Texture plays a vital role, and the silky-smooth finish of Elkay’s Quartz Luxe Kitchen Sink has a luster softer than stainless but deeper than cast iron or other options. Meanwhile, your color will last because

  • It’s tough—as in 535-degree heatproof tough. Luxe sinks are engineered to stand up to the hazards of hot cookware.
  • It’s strong—like granite. Quartz sand is the hardest component of granite, and that’s exactly what Elkay uses to make its sinks impact resistant.
  • It’s clean—resistant to stains, scratches, smudges, fading, dirt and germs. Because it lasts, it will not only be clean but also look clean.

 Rounded, superfine quartz particles blended with Elkay’s high-performance, UV-stable acrylic resins yield a granite composite with a silky, nonporous finish that is easy to keep clean and remains flawlessly beautiful.

Durable, Quiet Granite Composite

The thickness of Elkay’s Luxe line sinks makes them a solid, quiet place to perform kitchen tasks. The granite composite is strong and dense, absorbing noise without clangs, bangs and clatter yet able to handle the loads you need it to hold.

Stylish Function in the Colors You Want

Quartz Luxe sinks come in a variety of styles, from simple single-basin bar sinks to single- and double-basin kitchen sinks as well as a number of options for workhorse farmhouse sinks. Whether you’re looking for curves, sleek lines, offset sinks, sinks with drainboards or simply a new kitchen sink, Elkay brings the beauty of durable color to the necessity of function.

Bring Your Space to Life with Color

If you’d like to learn more about the Quartz Luxe Kitchen Sink from Elkay or explore ways of making a statement by using color throughout your home, visit your local Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom today. Our knowledgeable consultants can help you narrow down your search to find the perfect performance products to enhance any space in your home.