6 Cool Kitchen Upgrades for Summer

Spring and summer are the perfect times to change up your kitchen. Life usually slows down a little bit. On pleasant days, you can cook and enjoy meals outside, and on hot, humid days, you can make your kitchen a cool, air-conditioned space to kick back, cook something fresh and relax. Best of all, updates come in all colors and sizes that are sure to catch eyes and turn heads.

1. Add a New Backsplash

Go colorful, or go clean. A new backsplash is a quick way to dress up cabinets and work areas in style. The added bonus is that having an actual backsplash makes prep and cooking areas easier to keep clean and better able to stand up to the inevitable spatters, spills and sticky cooking condensation. Backsplashes are available in every material, pattern and style imaginable.

2. Paint and Coordinate With Color

Whether you’re eyeing walls, cabinets or both, painting is a simple, cost-effective update that can make a big difference. It may be time for some bright colors with a fun motif running through them. Or, you could calm the colors down, creating a peaceful place that flows with gentle lighting and running water.

3. Update Flooring

Kitchen floors have to stand up to foot traffic, pet traffic, scuffs, drops, drips, spills, heat, cold and more. When cracks, chips and discolorations mar the picture, some fresh, new flooring materials can reset the stage. Flooring choices for kitchens are more versatile than ever—from ceramics and porcelains that look like wood planks to engineered composites designed to bring the feel of the outdoors inside.

4. Cool Down Lighting

Kitchens never seem to have enough light. Often, the lighting that you do have isn’t especially attractive or energy-efficient and can even add to room temperatures. Summer is the perfect time to find some pretty LED-based lights complete with a ceiling fan or to add some subtle under-counter lighting that lets you enjoy calm workspace illumination without a flood of light. Even out-of-the way spaces like alcoves, nooks and pantries serve better if they’re well lit.

5. Update Cabinets Inside and Out

Many times, it’s the handles and hardware that make cabinets look dated and tired. You can spiff up your cabinets with new hardware—handles for the outside and rollouts and organizers for the inside. You’ll be able to appreciate new, stylish aesthetics on the outside knowing cabinets are clean and organized on the inside.

6. Upgrade Your Kitchen Faucet With Just the Right Design From the Delta Broderick Collection

Delta has always been a quality name in plumbing fixtures, and its Broderick Kitchen Collection merges industrial design, usefulness and functionality with elegant, style. Think industrial farmhouse with a blend of detailing and functionality you really haven’t seen before.

With seven different faucets—including one featuring Delta’s first-ever bridge pull-down faucet—and five finishes to choose from, you can enjoy MagnaTite Docking for pull-down spouts, Touch2O Technology, TempSense LED temperature indicators, TouchClean Spray Holes, ShieldSpray Technology and DIAMOND Seal Technology:

  • Finishes include champagne bronze, Arctic stainless, Venetian bronze, black stainless and chrome—five perfect statement looks to suit any taste.
  • MagnaTite Docking ensures your sprayer will remain secure every single time you dock the sprayer spout. Pull-down spring spout options give a sleek clean look while the sprayer is docked yet put a mobile water supply conveniently contoured front and center.
  • Touch2O Technology lets you turn water on or off with the simplest touch of a wrist or forearm, offering unbeatable convenience when hands are messy while keeping your faucet clean. Plus, you still have manual control as well.
  • TempSense uses LED light and color to indicate water temperature so that you’ll always know exactly what to expect.
  • TouchClean Spray Holes are designed to let you wipe away calcium and lime buildup with the simple swipe of a finger—a perfect solution for areas with hard water.
  • ShieldSpray Technology reduces spray splatter by an incredible 90 percent thanks to an ingenious design that seats a concentrated jet of water within a sheeting sphere of water, keeping splatters neatly contained to rinse them away. ShieldSpray gives you a third water mode in addition to your regular, chosen flow and aerated sprays.
  • DIAMOND Seal Technology uses actual diamonds and engineering to reduce leak points and last, providing “leak-free operation for the life of the faucet.” With integrated supply lines, faucets are easy to install and perform like new year after year.

Designed to serve as a noteworthy focal point in your kitchen, Broderick Collection faucets are engineered to also be a workhorse convenience you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

Make Your Kitchen Pop This Summer

Kitchens are where we gather, where we work and even where we play. Summer is the perfect time to make yours a little more stylish, more useful, and maybe even a little more you. If you’d like to learn more about the Delta Broderick Collection or discover other cool kitchen upgrades for summer, visit your local Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom today or explore your options online.

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