Innovative Home Updates for 2021

An update to your home should be something that you’ll really love — something that sets it apart from other homes and makes it a unique place where you enjoy being every day. Thanks to smart technology and advances in engineering and manufacturing, the residential construction and remodeling industry offers more innovative options than ever before. 

These options can improve your quality of living and increase the value and appeal of your home. Here are just a few of our favorite innovative home updates to consider.

1.  Add convenience with an instant hot water dispenser. 

Eliminate waiting for water to heat and enjoy instant hot potable water straight from its own tap thanks to clever new products like the InSinkErator Instant Hot Water Dispenser. With easy-to-use digital temperature controls that range from 190 to 210 degrees, you’ll always have hot—really hot—water ready at your fingertips. You can not only make that perfect cup of tea, pour-over coffee, mug of cocoa or bowl of oatmeal but also enjoy how instant hot water makes cooking, cleaning and even parenting a little bit easier.

Imagine no more boiling or having to wait for water to cool those few degrees. No more microwaving, running a faucet for forever for water that just isn’t hot enough and no more battles for the faucet. You can choose the exact temperature you want, and have it in your cup in seconds. For the absolute best-tasting hot water, you can add a filter to your InSinkErator Instant Hot Water Dispenser, which will eliminate chemicals, heavy metals, particulates, chlorine taste and odor, for example.

2.  Invest in solar panels for green, self-sufficient energy. 

Solar panel energy systems represent a highly desirable, high-value update—especially for large homes that consume considerable quantities of energy in warm climates. The initial investment typically covers the equipment—the solar panels, power inverter, batteries, meter, wiring systems and installation.

However, a span of rooftop or clear exposure can be a smart way of collecting sunlight and converting it into energy to power your home. Louisiana currently offers a 50-percent tax credit incentive for installing solar panels with other states offering comparable rebates and rewards. Plus, once your system is functional, you may even be able to sell any surplus back to your utility through net metering.

3.  Expand spaces with convertible furniture and elegant built-ins. 

The concept of the tiny house and the ever-increasing prices of square footage have made designers, architects and homeowners take a hard look at space allocation and usage. For example, traditionally furnished, a guest bedroom is challenging to multi-purpose as an office or studio space.

Clever swinging or rotating built-ins, however, can make a wall space dual-purpose—shelving or cabinets on one side and a fold-out or drop-down bed on the other. Adding sliding, folding, pop-up, pull-down, roll-out, turning, lowering capabilities and more can turn everything from kitchen countertops to alcoves into high-functioning areas that are cleverly designed for a moment’s notice and use.

4.  Get efficient with smart home management systems. 

A truly connected home is one with all of its functions fully integrated and accessible to you wherever you are. Smart home networks allow all of your compatible devices to not only work the way you want them to but also work together wherever they happen to be.

Smart home management systems can be installed with new construction or added post-construction, custom-created or purchased off the shelf. Regardless, a good system will be designed to address—and prevent—common connectivity issues like compatibility, reach and penetration through hard surfaces and yet still serve as a gateway to ensure all devices and users can access the home network. You can have all of the latest smart technologies and conveniences in one hub—from home security systems, lights, thermostats and locks to your home theater, bath or kitchen appliances—and enjoy the ease of global operation and management.

Upgrade for the Future

The right updates increase a home’s value by making it a great place to live—for you and for anyone you might eventually sell your home to. Staying current is one of the most important selling points, and choosing improvements that match your lifestyle just makes every day more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your home, take a few moments to explore our website. There you’ll be able to find your inspirational style and even meet the perfect consultant to help turn your inspiration into reality.





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