Luxury laundry room design ideas from Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom. Featuring a washer and dryer set, black tile backsplash, laundry room shelving, cabinets and counter space for additional laundry room storage options.


Your laundry room is the most utilitarian space in your home, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice form for functionality. Give your laundry room the DIY makeover it deserves with luxury laundry room design ideas to fit any space, budget or style. From large to small space laundry room designs, find everything you need to build the room of your dreams with Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom. Get style & design inspiration below, then schedule an appointment at one of our Kitchen & Bath Showrooms — our consultants are ready to make your dreams a reality.

A clean and polished luxury laundry room design, featuring a matching white washer and dryer set with laundry room shelving overhead.
Laundry room makeover ideas for your home, featuring a white washer and dryer set with plenty of laundry room storage options.
Inspire your next laundry room DIY makeover with plenty of laundry room storage options, including laundry room cabinets, shelves, counter tops, hangers and more.
A stylish laundry room design featuring a front load washer and dryer set, laundry room sink and additional storage for kids and pets.

What We Offer


We offer an array of innovative laundry room appliances to fit any lifestyle. Visit a Coburn’s Showroom to explore washers, dryers and more.

Laundry room appliances featuring a sleek gray washer and dryer set.
A matching washer and dryer set that is perfect for your next laundry room makeover.
Small space laundry room design ideas, featuring a matching front load washer and dryer set in light gray.


Shop durable laundry room sinks built for presoaking, handwashing and more at a Coburn’s Showroom near you.

A simple, yet elegant laundry room sink perfect for a luxury laundry room design on a budget.
A small space laundry room design featuring a laundry room sink perfect for presoaking and handwashing.
A simple laundry room sink that can add exponential value to your next laundry room makeover project


A great sink is only as good as its faucet. With plenty of styles, finishes and functionalities, our consultants can recommend the perfect faucet to fit your needs.

Simple sink faucets for your next laundry room DIY makeover.
Laundry room makeover ideas, featuring a powerful sink faucet perfect for handwashing and pretreating.
Kick off your laundry room DIY makeover with a new faucet that is perfectly angled for pretreating and handwashing.

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