Industrial Interior Design

New, meet vintage. Despite its simplicity and minimal design elements, the Industrial style manages to create a bold statement that is impossible to miss. Weathered wood, concrete, exposed metal and tiles are elegantly simplistic elements of this style, which allows its simple-yet-edgy vibe to add both warmth and texture.


Industrial bathroom renovation ideas including a minimalist bathroom featuring weathered wood, stone and tile all tied together with wrought iron accents
industrial kitchen design inspiration featuring weathered wood beams, an accent tile wall and sleek modern appliances.
modern industrial interior design showroom

What Is Industrial Interior Design?

The industrial interior design style is a popular design aesthetic that brings in the charm of old industrial buildings converted into inspiring living spaces. It’s a design style that celebrates raw materials, structural elements and architectural features in their most natural form. Elements such as exposed brick walls, metal fixtures, wood beams, and bare cement floors play a vital role in creating the industrial vibe. Rich with rough textures and neutral tones, this design traces minimalist, clean lines and structures often dominated by metal, particularly black metals and polished metal, distressed wood, and even rusted metal elements. Industrial-style lighting, light bulbs, and light fixtures dramatically contribute to the ambiance, often featuring Edison bulbs hanging from metal pendant lights or propped in floor lamps. They not only enlighten these interiors but further accentuate industrial décor.

Dark grey, neutral, deep rust for industrial design

Sturdy, Rustic & Utilitarian

Straight lines and neutral color palettes dictate the visual feel, often broken by a pop of bold color, perhaps through decorative pieces or artwork on a gallery wall. The overall aesthetics effortlessly bring together these elements. The emphasis on functionality becomes evident in the choice of furniture. Industrial-style pieces, like sturdy metal chairs and rustic wooden tables, are common choices that further enhance the design concept. What adds an extra layer of uniqueness is the inclusion of unconventional objects, such as repurposed industrial pieces or vintage furniture, and prominent utilitarian features like metal pipes and brackets. These carefully curated additions infuse more character, making the space not just stylish but also uniquely personal.

The History of Industrial Interior Design

The roots of the Industrial design style go back to the Industrial Revolution, a period when urban style began adopting simple forms closer to mass production. The idea was to create functional furniture and housing in response to the escalating housing shortages. Old industrial buildings were transformed into homes and commercial spaces, getting center stage as industrial spaces inspiring the design aesthetic. This marked the use of rough wood, raw metals, and stark architectural elements as key in interior design.

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